12 More Reasons Why Corsair’s are the Best

Your next big adventure is right around the corner! Our multihull sailboats are known in the industry for the best trailerable catamarans and trimarans. Here are 12 reasons why Corsair’s are the best: 

1. Extraordinary speed and effortless acceleration are trademarks of Corsairs. Their ability to fly on a puff or generate their own high-power apparent wind is legendary. Without a lead keel to create drag, and with tangible buoyancy in construction technique and materials, Corsairs are powered effortlessly by their high-performance sails.

2. Comfortable stability at any speed and in almost all sea conditions is simply a feature of beam and buoyancy. Heel (often unpopular with sailors) is restricted to about 15 degrees; which feels like about five degrees on the broad, flat deck and trampolines of a Corsair.

3. Superior safety is inherent in the design and construction of these boats and it stems from the same features that make them sail flat and fast. Corsairs can't sink. In fact, with all hulls filled to the brim with water, the positive buoyancy of the materials of construction keep the vessel afloat even with all crew aboard.

4. Trailerability is not a hassle. It's an advantage. Especially since it only takes a single owner about 30 minutes to go from trailer to sailing and back again after a couple of practice runs. Corsairs fold up and pull out effortlessly, mast-down in moments, tow easily and smoothly, and save you a bundle on slip fees and seasonal storage.

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