Spinnaker sailing downwind on a Corsair trimaran

When first using an asymmetric spinnaker you may be disappointed with the downwind performance with a fixed mast unless you take note of what is said here. The asymmetric cannot match a full symmetric spinnaker straight downwind because of the smaller, flatter area and a restricted ability to project to windward. The major advantage is considerably easier handling and superior reaching performance. Tacking downwind does not work well with fixed masts, as the mast interferes with mainsail flow... Read More »
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11 Steps to Raising Your Mast on a Corsair Trimaran

For all of you who are new to trimaran sailing, or for the avid Corsair Trimaran sailor who wants a brush-up, here is an awesome list of 11 steps on how to raise your mast on a Corsair Trimaran. You should print this out and keep it on your boat for reference! MAST RAISING PROCEDURE
  1. Untie the mast from all supports.  
  2. Attach cap shrouds and forestay or roller furling headstay to the mast.  
  3. Attach cap shrouds to the chainplates on the floats. If your boat has wire shrouds with Hifield levers take...
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BVI Strong!

Here's a report that was written earlier this month by the owners of “Allende”, Kristiann and Graham Gips. “Allende” is a crewed yacht catamaran operating out of Dream Yacht Charters in the BVI.  Many thanks to Kristiann and Graham for documenting such a fantastic account of their recent journeys through our beautiful BVI. “It’s no secret that the Virgin Islands have been hit hard by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. It will be impossible to visit this season without being reminded of the storms. But... Read More »
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Gabart joins an elite group!

Francois Gabart smashes world record Here is the latest news on Francois Gabart published on December 17th, 2017 from Scuttlebutt. François Gabart, who left Ouessant on November 4 (10:05 UTC+1) in a bid to set a new singlehanded round the world record, crossed the finishing line located between Lizard Point and Ouessant today at (02:45 UTC+1) to set a new record of 42 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds. Skippering the 30m MACIF trimaran, Gabart crushed the previous time taken by Thomas... Read More »
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Trailering a Corsair Trimaran

The total towing weight can vary considerably depending on the model and options and can be determined exactly by using a weighbridge. Check that the vehicle is approved and equipped as recommended by its manufacturer for towing this weight and the capacity of the towing hitch is suitable. While towing a Corsair trimaran, watch for strong crosswinds. A Corsair trimaran is a relatively light boat for towing, but it still has considerable windage. For easy, stable towing, the trailer should be... Read More »
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Multihulls should be treated like aircraft...

Multihulls should be treated like aircraft when it comes to loading. Corsair trimarans are light and a responsive craft. Due to their narrow waterline they do not have an unlimited load carrying ability. Overloading can affect performance and handling, while excessive overloading can also affect safety margins. The ratio of the float buoyancy is relative to the total weight falling. A higher ratio is faster and safer. Always be conscious of weight and take care not to carry unnecessary items.... Read More »
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A trailerable sailboat the whole family can enjoy!

Why a trimaran you might ask? Well, the purist will tell you that there is nothing just quite like sailing a Corsair trimaran, the speed and acceleration experienced cannot be matched by any keelboat around and if you're not sailing fast, you're not really sailing! True, but the new Corsair 760 is much more than just another fast ride. This compact 24' trailer sailor has been designed to please the whole family. At just 24' and under 1000kg this nifty, folding trimaran can be towed by almost... Read More »
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Corsair 760 trimaran test sail review

In mid-March 2017 not one, but two of Corsair's newest 24’ trimarans, the Corsair 760 hulls 1 and 2 were launched within hours of each other each was sailed on opposite sides of the world. This enabled both boats to be simultaneously sailed and tested in very different conditions. One, tested by our brave colleagues in Germany who have been waiting for the ice to melt all winter, finally was able to throw on their dry suits and brave the icy conditions in winds in the upper 20’s with gusts of up... Read More »
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Le Grand Pavois, International Boat Show at La Rochelle

You wouldn't want to miss this fantastic event!  The Grand Pavois is one of the three largest floating boat shows in the world. The oldest floating boat show in Europe, the Grand Pavois was founded in 1973, and it welcomes on average 2,000 professionals and around 100,000 visitors. Each year a different country or region is chosen as the special theme. A few numbers will give you an idea of the scale of the event: 850 exhibitors from 35 nations, 100 000m² of exhibition space split into eight... Read More »
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Corsair Cruze 970 replaces the 31 - all for the better!

  The sporty, foldable, trailerable Corsair Cruze 970 trimaran will routinely knock off double-diget boat speeds By Tim Murphy, Photos by Billy Black Since 1985 the Corsair 31 has been a familiar trimaran on the racing and cruising scene. At yards in Australia and California, 303 of that model were built, with subtle design tweaks over the years. This year, the Corsair Cruze 970  replaces the 31 — and it’s all for the better. Longer amas, as well as bows that are more plumb and hull forms with... Read More »
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Check these out these great boat graphics!

Do you have any great shots you'd like to add to this line-up? SHARE MY BOAT >> Read More »
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More race news - Riding the Pacific Wave

July 14, 2014 After a wave of boats finished in Hanalei, Kauai, over the weekend, the rest of the SSS Singlehanded TransPac boats are now trickling in one by one. Line honors goes to the Palmer Johnson 49 Scaramouche V and skipper Peter Heiberg, with a elapsed time of 14 days, 2 hours, and 15 or so minutes. A three-pack of close finishes followed, with Joe Balderrama on the Express 27 Archimedes, Al Germain on the Wyliecat 30 Bandicoot and Steve Hodges on the Islander 36 Frolic finishing within... Read More »
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Follow up to "the fun race to Hawaii" the Pacific Cup

Skipper Rick Waltonsmith and crew finished July 23rd at 10:53 on their C-37 Transit of Venus. Congratulations guys! Trophies Awarded for the 2014 Pacific Cup Kaneohe, Hawaii, July 27, 2014 – The Friday night awards ceremony and party at Kaneohe Yacht Club (KYC) featured not only trophies for racing performance but also a number of special awards to recognize participation and contributions to the Pacific Cup.   Each of the boats in this year’s first-ever Holo Holo cruising division received an... Read More »
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If books float your boat, we've got just the thing

Check out these great reads! Reading is all about the journey. Recommended by NPR >> Read More »
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2014 Multihull Solutions Regatta Phuket-Report

Strong wind, severely tests the Multihull's By Asian Yachting MultiMedia   July 11th: Under an overcast sky and the watchful eyes of the big Buddha statue, racing got underway in 15 to 25 knots from the South West. Yesterday John Newnham's Twin Sharks nose dived and capsized during practice, sending a message to other skippers to beware. A pressure system in the Bay of Bengal has generated a strong South Westerly flow for the last week and is predicted to increase for the weekend. As the crews... Read More »
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Transport sailing from Vaxholm Sweden to Ingaro

Part one - Transport sailing on a Corsair Dash 750 from Vaxholm Sweden, to Ingarö in the Stockholm arcipelago. Part two - Participating in the Ornö Runt sailing competition, 2009. Watch video! Great soundtrack - very nice! Read More »
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Corsair Trimaran F31 "Sea Bird" flying

Corsair F31 Sea Bird entertains J30 Vee Jay 40569 and Wavelength 30 Shock crew during the F31's sea trial off Naples FL. Speed ran up to 18 kts GPS. Fast Trimaran What a blast! Watch their video! Read More »
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Corsair 28RS Mano Express Neptune Regatta 2014

  Movie from team Manao Express a trimaran Corsair 28; video shot during the Neptune Regatta 2014. Info on the race: 2014 Neptune Regatta 4th edition has been organized from Feb 2nd to 8th, 2014. The Neptune Regatta takes place in Indonesian waters, starting and returning to Nongsa Point Marina which located on Batam Island nearby Singapore. The regatta combines a series of windward/leeward and passage races, depending on class, with the "Race to Zero" being a race through the Riau Islands in... Read More »
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30 Year Timeline of Corsair Marine

1984 - Corsair Marine was established through a partnership between John Walton (son of Sam Walton, Founder of Wal Mart) who offered to finance the production of the uniquely designed F boat and Ian Farrier, the designer who patented and built the original prototype in Australia back in 1974. With the production facility located in San Diego, California together they produced and marketed the world's first trailerable and very fast, trimarans. This initial partnership thus set the stage for a... Read More »
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Le Printemps Du Crouesty in Northern France // 8 -11 May

French Dealer for Corsair, Antoine Jousselin is attending Le Printemps du Crouesty Boat Show and invites you to come along and check out his impressive display of the newest Corsair trimaran, Cruze 970. This show is staged from 8-11 May and showcases some of the world’s finest multihulls and international yacht brands.  On Display  If you missed the first opportunity to view the Cruze 970 in Southern France, don’t worry, you have another opportunity to view it in Northern France.  The Cruze 970an... Read More »
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