One-Design Pulse 600 Fleet Racing - 2016 Dillon Open Regatta!

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Dillon Open Regatta

The Dillon Yacht Club extends a warm invitation to all sailors interested in participating in the 2016 Dillon Open Regatta, the world’s highest regatta at 9,017 ft above sea level, on August 5th-7th, 2016.

Something new is happening this year at the 2016 Dillon Open. There will be a One-Design Pulse 600 Fleet racing together for the first time. Five new Corsair Pulse 600’s are expected to make up the Corsair multihull fleet. These all-new trimarans are expected to outperform previous designs up to 28 feet. Three boats are arriving from Houston, Texas from The Yacht Sales Company and two from Denver, Colorado from 180 Marine.

The volume in the floats has been increased compared to older Corsair trimarans and tends to cut through any chop much easier than other trimarans we have sailed. The balance of boat is extremely responsive and light. Since the all-up weight of the boat is just 992 pounds, the boats are crew-weight sensitive. Racing 3-up is the best combo for the race environment at Dillon for example, but for day-sailing, the Pulse easily handles four crew.

PHRF ratings are being established throughout the U.S. for the Pulse 600, and in many fleets, a PHRF rating of 48 is being used in the 2016 season. This is a bit slower than other 24-foot Corsairs, and significantly faster than most monohull sport boats such as the Melges 20, Melges 24, Ultimate 20 or the Viper 640. In the U.S. Vipers have a rating between 96 - 111, and Melges 24s run between 84 - 99 for comparison.

Sheeting is simple, great for the day sailor or short-handed crews. The jib furling system makes sail handling a breeze. Upwind the boat really moves, pointing as high as bigger boats will be no problem. The Pulse surprisingly points higher than any other trimaran we have experienced. The spinnaker may be rigged with a simple tack line to the carbon bowsprit, or with a roller-furling unit if preferred.

Downwind the moderately-sized spinnaker makes the Pulse 600 a speedster, and sailing angles will be around the 70 to 80-degree range. The one-design spinnaker lacks some area if you want to carry the breeze at lower angles when that’s your goal in a mixed fleet.

You can contact Richard Allen if you’re interested in becoming involved in the Pulse 600 fleet.

180 Marine
180 Marine

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