2018 Miami International Boat Show

Join us at the Miami International Boat Show
February 15—19, 2018.

We are pleased to display the all new Corsair model the Corsair 760R but also two new catamarans from the Seawind range of performance cruisers. The popular 38’ 1160 Lite and the first public appearance of the new 41’ Seawind 1260. Both will be on display and available for test sails after the show. Contact either one of us to reserve a spot for a test sail. We are not salsmen we are sailors.

Don Wigston
Don Wigston / Windcraft / Your Gulf Coast Dealer
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Richard Allen
Richard Allen / 180 Marine / Your Midwest  / Colorado / Southern California Dealer
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Seawind 1260
Seawind 1260

Introducing the Seawind 1260
Base Price $410,000 USD, (Limited time offer) call for your quote...
A cruising catamaran specifically designed for serious blue water cruising. The result was the Seawind 1260, 41ft of the best ideas, engineering and craftsmanship accumulated by a team of expert builders. The 1260 is based off the prior 1250 with some new upgrades and refinements. 
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Seawind 1160 Lite
Seawind 1160 Lite

Simple / Fast / Light = Affordable
Base Price $310,000 USD, call for your quote...
In 2004 Seawind Catamarans launched the 38ft Seawind 1160… a ground breaking and innovative design that gained worldwide acclaim for its open layout and use of space, ergonomic design and efficient short-handed sailing performance. With well over 100 Seawind 1160s launched and sailing the world, the design has been well proven, from crossing the world’s largest oceans to chartering in the beautiful locations such as the Whitsundays, Thailand and Caribbean. Now with the Seawind and Corsair Marine design teams joining forces, a whole new approach is being taken to this classic design.
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Corsair 760 Sport
Corsair 760 Sport

Performance Made Easy
Price, starting at $90,454 USD... equipped just as you'd like, and delivered anywhere in North America.
The Corsair 760 SPORT delivers supreme performance through the use of lightweight carbon technologies. However, she keeps the simple and effective sail plan, sail handling features, and folding mechanism that make the Corsair 760 so easy to manage. The carbon mast – standard on the Corsair 760 SPORT, reduces weight aloft and actually increasing her safety factor. So you can turn the speed dial to 10, but remain completely in control and comfortable in sailing such a performance machine. Superior safety is inherent in the design and construction of all Corsair boats.

High Re-sale Value!
Way past the time you’ll start taking your Corsair’s strength, endurance, dependability, fit and finish for granted and believe that other boats must also be built as well because how could anyone settle for less – you’ll probably start seeing some new Corsair model and think about trading up. That’s when you’ll find out that the superior construction of your Corsair will enable you to sell it to someone else for not much less than what you bought it for new.   View Pricing >>

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Try a Seawind 1160 Lite!

Oh. Now that's a nice camper. The first Corsair 760 ...


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