21 Century Sailing Arrives at Itchenor Sailing Club


Itchenor Sailing Club sent us this news today:

Jeremy Pudney set the example when he commissioned Phil Morrison to design Wind Dancer, his 5m trimaran back in 2010. It seemed like a great idea then and there are currently several different production designs available, some with folding floats for easy trailing and dry storage.  Itchenor now has a fleet of 3 new Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran daysailers to add to the array of day boats based at or near our Club.  Well suited to our harbour, or for a fast trip over to Bembridge, they can be sailed quickly with a small crew, or in at a more relaxed pace to take the family down to East Head.  If any Members would like to 'try a tri'  test sail, then please contact Jonathan Phillips, storage@chichesterdrystack.com, or me at chris.colbourne@yahoo.com.  We enjoyed a fantastic three up sail on the first demo boat this last week. Nothing overtook us and none of us got wet. But we did get lots of curious looks, as our crew with an combined age of 210 proceeded with poise and pace.

Some of those Corsair Pulse 600's trimarans are available for sale through our friends in Itchenor (contact details above) who are keen to get a friendly and collegiate fleet started in the region.  


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