3 Bridge Fiasco - Slow and Challenging

Four out of 360 — that's how many boats finished Saturday's Three Bridge Fiasco pursuit race. More remarkable? 50% of the finishers were trimarans...

Congratulations Guys!

1. John Gray and Matt Van Rensselaer on the mighty Moore 24 Immoral, who finished first at 5:25 p.m.;

2. Christopher Harvey and Dan Mone on Mojo at 5:40 (F-25c trimaran)

3. Mark Zimmer and Mark Lewis on Khimaira at 5:43 (F-25c trimaran);

4. Final finishers, Will Paxton and Zachery Anderson on the Express 27 Motorcycle Irene at 6:22.

The deadline to finish was 7 p.m.

Many sailors might have wished for a do-over on Sunday — the day was bright and sunny and the ebb was still powerful, but a puffy northeasterly would no doubt have whisked substantially more boats around the 21-mile course.

The challenge was to complete a Bay tour with no wind and lots of ebb, the latter of which swept scores of boats out the Gate, while dozens more anchored along Crissy Field and the piers, lining the San Francisco shore like a string of pearls. 

We will publish first-person accounts from our BAMA trimaran friends this week.

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