A trailerable sailboat the whole family can enjoy!

Why a trimaran you might ask? Well, the purist will tell you that there is nothing just quite like sailing a Corsair trimaran, the speed and acceleration experienced cannot be matched by any keel boat around and if your not sailing fast, you're not really sailing! True, but the new Corsair 760 is much more than just another fast ride. This compact 24' trailer sailor has been designed to please the whole family.

At just 24' and under 1000kg this nifty, folding trimaran can be towed by almost any family car, and with a setup time of under 45 minutes your weekend travel options could have you exploring lakes and coastlines hundreds of miles apart. You can even load up the boat with camping gear and take her with you on long weekend getaways. This is all made possible by the solid aluminum folding system allowing one person to easily unfold on or off the water in under two minutes. You will not find any soft wire or strops anywhere near this integral part of the boats structure. For Corsair, safety is of upmost importance and a foolproof solid folding system that has been tried and tested time and time again is the only way to go! LEARN MORE>>

The key to an enjoyable family holiday, is getting together to do something we love, a common interest. Forging lasting memories through an activity we can share and enjoy as a family is a treat your kids and grand kids will never forget. But equally important is personal space. A trimaran can offer the best of both worlds. Kids can jump on the helm of this extremely forgiving sportsboat and can keep control even at thrill seeking speeds without the risk of danger or sudden loss of control. At the same time the huge unfolded platform allows everyone to spread out and relax to enjoy the ride. No hiking required on a trimaran with a beam of over 17' wide! This is not the only advantage of a wide beamed trimaran, as she has three hulls you will experience the most stable and steady ride of your life, enabling your family and crew to easily walk around the deck and cockpit to find themselves a comfortable seat for the ride.

The 760 offers an optional collapsible saloon table which converts into a bed sleeping an additional 2 people. This now enables four to sleep within the protected cabin making weekend getaways a real possibility. Pull out the stow away galley and you'll find this is a fully equipped cruiser, perfect for this type of exercise.

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