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Leading builders like Corsair Marine have been building some of the world's best trailerable sailing trimarans since 1985 and now have over 2,000 sailing waters all over the world. Significant fleets can be found in most states of the US with big numbers of boats all over Europe, Australia and Asia. They are, without a doubt, the most popular trailerable trimarans sailing today.

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You'll notice something different about this site. Previously this was the Corsair Community, dedicated only to Corsair's. We have broadened the reporting to include, new and innovative ideas, products and technology for all multihull sailors. We're looking for fresh ideas that create value. As we work out the kinks, we'd love to hear what you think.

We’re a well-established community for trimaran boat owners, racers, travelers and water fanatics. We come together to share our latest experiences and knowledge with everyone who appreciates the performance and versatility of these unique designs. 

Authentic travel and sailing stories are written and submitted every week by dedicated trimaran experts and owners, and their friends and family...great photography and video too. We’d love to hear about your last cruising adventure in Nantucket or a passage you’ve made from Bermuda to St. Martin!

We post news on events and regattas in North America. Recaps of the latest regatta are shared with great enthusiasm! If you’re new to sailing, we also post educational information to point you in the right direction.

Our group of owners, friends, and followers have grown from modest beginnings into thousands of readers and hundreds of contributors.
Thanks for getting involved!

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