Sailing from Los Angeles to San Diego on the Cruze 970

March 2018, 180 Marine sailed from Los Angeles, California to San Diego on a 2014 Corsair Cruze 970. The Cruze 970 performed beautifully and we had plenty of room on board with 4 burley men. Winds were light in the beginning, then picked up around 2pm to 15 knots. The journey took 11 hours, with no issues! I very much enjoyed the company on this short adventure! Thanks guys! LEARN MORE Corsair Sailing Manual >> We live and breathe the details on these boats, let us know how we can help. Direct... Read More »
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Taking Delivery of a New Corsair 760 Sport - Part 2

Launching and Sailing the Corsair 760 Sport After a break for the Miami Boat Show, it was time for the fun part: launching and sailing. Unwrapping all the parts took a while, but the upside is there was not a scratch on anything including the gorgeous carbon fiber bowsprit, boom and rudder. As we are used to, mast raising went without a hitch and within just over an hour we were taking our first sail, allowing the synthetic shrouds to stretch in. The 760 Sport comes standard with synthetic side... Read More »
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Taking delivery of a new Corsair 760 Sport - Part 1

Delivery and Assembly of the Corsair 760 Sport We recently took delivery of two new Corsair 760s, including our own Corsair 760 Sport to be used as a demo boat for Windcraft Multihulls and a customer boat for that will be used in our May Trimaran Speed Clinic. Two 760s fit easily in one container, with one angled up slightly on its shipping cradle to clear the cockpit of the other. It’s about a 40 day wait from the factory to our yard, so anticipation was... Read More »
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3 Great Pre-Owned Corsair Trimaran Listings

The hardest thing about buying a used fiberglass sailboat is keeping your head straight. With a new boat you (in theory, at least) get what you pay for, but entering the used boat market can be a bit like going through Alice’s looking glass. Is a shiny new 35-foot performance cruiser beyond your pay grade? Not to worry, there’s a fantastic looking used 36-footer with lots of gear for sale on Craigslist for less than the price of a car. Of course, the reality is rarely that simple. Systems and... Read More »
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Oh. Now that's a nice camper.

Introducing Corsair Marine's newest pocket cruiser, the Corsair 760. This 24-foot trailerable trimaran brings trailer sailing to the next level. Originating from the ever popular 24 and 750 range, this new model has received a radical redesign by our partners at Perus Yacht Design. No hiking required on a trimaran with a beam of over 17' wide! This is not the only advantage of a wide beamed trimaran, as she has three hulls you will experience the most stable and steady ride of your life,... Read More »
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Folding Corsair trimarans: Legendary ability, unbeatable reliability

Corsair trimarans fold on water, off water and with effortless ease. Most models fold within the width of similar-lengthed monohulls!  This allows a level of versatility unachievable in a conventional trimaran due to the huge beam required for high performance sailing. Simply put, in our 30 year experience, for a trimaran to be viable for most users, it must be able to fold with ease and not increase its length when folded. Four upper solid aluminum compression struts, eight solid aluminum lower... Read More »
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Spring Multihull Cruise Pensacola area May 3-6 2018

Plans are shaping up for a 2-4 day spring cruise for Corsair trimarans and other multihulls the first weekend in May on the emerald green waters of Florida's Panhandle Gulf Coast. Here's a rough plan, to be fine tuned as the group wishes.   Thursday morning, May 3rd Boats East of the Navarre Bridge, coming from Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Mary Esther and those arriving from out of town (East Side Gang) can put in at the Fort Walton Yacht Club or on the Santa Rosa Sound at Liza Jackson Park.... Read More »
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Results from Sarasota Bay Multihull Regatta Feb 23-25, 2018

  2018 Sarasota Bay Multihull Results Eighteen boats did ten races! PHRF Low - 6 boats Series Standing - 10 races scored PHRF High - 7 boats Series Standing - 10 races scored Sprint 750 - 5 boats Series Standing - 10 races scored Windrider - 7 boats Series Standing - 0 races scored Check Result Details >>     Corsair Sailing Manual >> This Corsair Sailing Manual provides you with the knowledge you will need to stay safe and secure on the water. Pre-owned Corsair Trimarans for sale >>_____________... Read More »
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Spinnaker sailing downwind on a Corsair trimaran

When first using an asymmetric spinnaker you may be disappointed with the downwind performance with a fixed mast unless you take note of what is said here. The asymmetric cannot match a full symmetric spinnaker straight downwind because of the smaller, flatter area and a restricted ability to project to windward. The major advantage is considerably easier handling and superior reaching performance. Tacking downwind does not work well with fixed masts, as the mast interferes with mainsail flow... Read More »
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The new Corsair 760R features a full length cockpit

The new Corsair 760R is Corsairs ultimate regatta boat! Fast, fun and affordable this 24′ sports boat is the perfect day boat for families, friends and racers alike. Keeping true to the 760 range the new R version offers an identical underwater profile and sail plan, however  features a huge full length cockpit at the loss of internal volume and comforts. Unlike the other 760 variants the R does not offer the versatility of sleeping accommodations and comfortable interior but is instead focused... Read More »
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A circumnavigation of Santa Rosa Island in the Florida Panhandle

  Day One had us all starting at the Fort Walton Yacht Club in Chocktawhatchee Bay, sailing in rain out the Destin Pass into the Gulf of Mexico and then west in the emerald waters of the Gulf in a building breeze to the Pensacola Pass. Once through the Pass and across the finish line we were treated to a catered barbecue dinner and music. Most sailors spent the night at the camp ground at Fort Pickens (the infamous site of Geronomo’s imprisonment) with the luxury of having everybody’s camping... Read More »
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11 Steps to Raising Your Mast on a Corsair Trimaran

For all of you who are new to trimaran sailing, or for the avid Corsair Trimaran sailor who wants a brush-up, here is an awesome list of 11 steps on how to raise your mast on a Corsair Trimaran. You should print this out and keep it on your boat for reference! MAST RAISING PROCEDURE
  1. Untie the mast from all supports.  
  2. Attach cap shrouds and forestay or roller furling headstay to the mast.  
  3. Attach cap shrouds to the chainplates on the floats. If your boat has wire shrouds with Hifield levers take...
Read More »
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"The 760 loves the wind and loves the waves"

Meet the Corsair 760 racing trimaran team at Geelong Festival of Sails What is the Festival of Sails all about? The Festival of Sails is the largest annual keel boat regatta in the Southern Hemisphere with over 300 yacht entries and 3,000 competitors annually taking part in the event. First held in 1844, the Festival of Sails Regatta is one of the nation’s oldest sporting events, and has evolved over many years culminating in its current format as Australia’s foremost keelboat regatta. Running... Read More »
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You probably need one of these.

  The all-new Ram 1500 is tough. Tough enough to haul a horde of Vikings across the Icelandic tundra, towing a massive Viking ship, all while singing a fast-paced version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You. Perfect for hauling a Corsair 37 trimaran, a Corsair 970 trimaran, a Corsair 760 trimaran, but could be overkill for the Pulse 600, but still, we all need a viking or two. Corsair Trimarans - legendary power, performance and dependability. If you have any questions about Corsair trimarans contact... Read More »
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3 Bridge Fiasco - Slow and Challenging

Four out of 360 — that's how many boats finished Saturday's Three Bridge Fiasco pursuit race. More remarkable? 50% of the finishers were trimarans... Congratulations Guys! 1. John Gray and Matt Van Rensselaer on the mighty Moore 24 Immoral, who finished first at 5:25 p.m.; 2. Christopher Harvey and Dan Mone on Mojo at 5:40 (F-25c trimaran) 3. Mark Zimmer and Mark Lewis on Khimaira at 5:43 (F-25c trimaran); 4. Final finishers, Will Paxton and Zachery Anderson on the Express 27 Motorcycle Irene at... Read More »
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Sarasota Bay Multihull Regatta Feb 23-25, 2018

  Get your Corsair trimaran ready, or whatever trimaran you might have! Entries are piling in for the 2018 Sarasota Bay Multihull Regatta February 23-25. Great venue, great club, great sailing, friendly competition. What's not to like about leaving the frozen north and spending time in the not so frozen south? 23 tris are signed up so far, and more expected. Click here for a list of registrants. Sarasota Bay is a premium sailing venue, protected from the rougher waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The... Read More »
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Performance Trimaran Sailing Clinic May 19-20, 2018

The next Performance Trimaran Sailing Clinic with Randy Smyth as chief instructor will be held Mary 19-20 at the Fort Walton Yacht Club. Two days of instruction, both in the classroom and on the water with sailing drills set by Randy to reinforce the classroom instruction. Lunch provided Saturday and Sunday, and dinner plus an after dinner talk on Saturday night. The weekend is preceded by a get together party on Friday afternoon at the Wigstons. The clinic is almost full so if you would like to... Read More »
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Corsair Trimarans are built for the R2AK!

You may have already heard about this race, but if you haven't here's a short run down. This race isn't for everyone. It’s like the Iditarod, on a boat, with a chance of drowning …being run down by a freighter, or eaten by a grizzly bear. There are squalls, killer whales, tidal currents that run upwards of 20 miles an hour, and some of the most beautiful scenery on god’s green earth. R2AK is based on the hardest kind of simplicity: You, a boat, a starting gun $10,000  if you finish first, A set... Read More »
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Multihulls should be treated like aircraft...

Multihulls should be treated like aircraft when it comes to loading. Corsair trimarans are light and responsive craft. Due to their narrow waterline they do not have an unlimited load carrying ability. Overloading can affect performance and handling, while excessive overloading can also affect safety margins. The ratio of the float buoyancy is relative to the total weight falling. A higher ratio is faster and safer. Always be conscious of weight and take care not to carry unnecessary items. Some... Read More »
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Unpacking the Corsair 760 Sport in Melbourne

Another day another boat arrives. This time for Michel Van der Zwaard in Melbourne with the new generation Corsair 760 Sport featuring carbon rig. Keep an eye out at Martha's Cove for this new baby and at Festival of Sails in Geelong. Stay tuned for more pics. Congratulations Michel Multihull Central Unpacks the Corsair 760 Sport All Corsair trimarans are built to withstand the toughest conditions. But the Corsair 760 models including the Corsair 760 SPORTare finely tuned to turn numbers into... Read More »
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