Development Update #9 on the Pulse 600

New details on sails and trailering Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds. The Pulse 600 is a sports boat that is about pure fun… Designed for conveniently easy rigging and setup so you can quickly launch, unfold the floats and get out on the water. With modern reverse bows and high volume floats, even the most performance oriented sailors have plenty to get hooked on with our smallest addition to the Corsair... Read More »
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Development Update #8 on the Pulse 600

Innovative New Ring Frame Design Clever solutions to difficult problems are evident throughout the Pulse 600 design. None more so than the carbon-fiber ring frame that’s literally at the heart of this ground-breaking new sailing machine. The righting forces from the floats are transferred into the struts and into the hull the very place where mast loads and foil loads intersect. This is a perfect place for a strong, elegant design to efficiently pass loads through the hull, and... Read More »
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Development Update #7 on the Pulse 600

Latest images illustrate remarkable ease of folding and trailering The Pulse 600 is designed with an open cockpit and fits a crew of up to four, but can equally be sailed single or double handedly. Versatility is a key feature of the boat and the forward area provides enough storage and cover for day sailing / weekend adventures or can simply be left empty for go-fast racing. Family, crew mates or friends, it doesn’t matter with whom you sail, unfold your freedom on a Pulse 600. Pulse 600... Read More »
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Development Update #6 on the Pulse 600

Mast & Boom The mast and boom will be aluminum. The cost differential to go to carbon on a boat this size vs. the performance gain does not add up and we want to keep that boat as affordable as possible whilst maintaining a high level of performance.  Rudders & Dagger Board Both the rudders and dagger board are composite boards and both are retractable. In the up position, the dagger board will sit just under the boom and in the down position will be neatly out of the way and flush with... Read More »
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Development Update #5 on the Pulse 600

        The Pulse 600 features: - Carbon reinforced beams (supporting the floats) - A Full carbon ring frame - A carbon reinforced back beam  With these 6 high load components, we transition all the major forces on the boat as the torsional loads are transferred through the beams and onto the ring frame and back beam. Likewise, the mast is mounted directly onto the ring frame and the main-sheet track onto the back beam.  With the major loads taken care of using the high cost/high strength... Read More »
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Development Update #4 on the Pulse 600

With the development of the deck plug coming to a close with the final layers being sprayed, wet sanded and then polished back, the deck mould will soon take shape (the last of the major mouldings to be completed). Also last week, we started laying up the first hull, the prototype, which will quickly go through the newly established production processes. So with the tooling nearly complete, let’s focus more on the boat itself and some of the materials: The Black Stuff… Carbon is everywhere these... Read More »
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Development Update #3 on the Pulse 600

  With the hull, beam and float moulds all complete, the attention is now on the deck mould as the last major moulding to be completed before the first product can be produced. Here are some recent photos and insight into the current developments:   To make the deck mould, we first have to make the male plug. We do this using a series of CNC cut parts, which we slot into the hull shape before finishing with a filling material which is then sanded back by hand. We do this on a hull part so that... Read More »
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Colligo Marine News: Stackers Win Award at METS Trade Show

PRESS RELEASE from Colligio Marine: October 19, 2014:   New Stackers, Stackable Static Blocks recognized as a Special Mention Dame Award at the 2014 METS show in Amsterdam. A panel of industry experts have judged Colligo's Stackers, Stackable Static Blocks as deserving of a Special Mention Dame Award at the 2014 Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam. These are lightweight static blocks with an integrated becket that can be stacked or lashed together to provide a purchase system from... Read More »
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Have You Raced a Trimaran?

Wether the answer to that question is yes or no, this video will get you feeling up close and personal with this 1996 Corsair F-24 MKII and their crew on the Great Sacandaga Lake! Check out this longer video featuring a Corsair 242 F-24 MKII Trimaran Race!  Want more!? Watch another great video here: Serenity Saison 2014 >> Do you have a racing story to share with us? SHARE YOUR STORY >>   Read More »
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Rotating Mast Question

Question: I would like to install an auto helm with wind indicator for following the wind angle. Is it possible with the rotating mast and if so can you recommend a wind indicator model or system Thank you, Bill Name: Bill Judson Boat_Type: 2003 Corsair F-24 Answer: Hi Bill, Yes, auto helm systems are installed on trimarans with rotating masts. Google “autohelm for rotating mast” and you’ll see many links on the topic. It would be best to narrow down your choice to those that have a transducer... Read More »
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Calvert Sails offers custom built cruising and racing sails for trimarans and catamarans

Calvert will work with you to design and build the best sails for your needs.  Calvert Sails continues to be the American industry leader, designing and building top quality multihull sails.  Our race sails have the most impressive list of wins in major US and Caribbean multihull regattas. Based in our St. Petersburg Florida sail loft office, we offer custom built cruising and racing sails for catamarans and trimarans. Be it Corsair Trimarans, Beach Cats or Large custom multihulls sail designer... Read More »
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Windcraft Trimaran Sailing Clinic with Randy Smyth

Another successful Trimaran Sailing Clinic was hosted October 4-5, 2014 by Corsair Dealer Windcraft at the Fort Walton Beach Yacht Club in the Florida Panhandle. 16 students saw their sailing skills and knowledge dramatically improve over the two days of this clinic, taught by world class multihull sailor and coach Randy Smyth and four assistant coaches. Students of all levels of experience from novice to highly experienced were introduced to Randy’s simple but highly effective techniques... Read More »
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Corsair Dealers Enjoy Day Out with 'Big Boys' of Volvo Ocean

Spanish Dealers:  Sten Sorensen, Miguel Fourcade, and Pierre de Groodt enjoy a day out with the 'big boys' of the Volvo Ocean - In Port Race on a Dash MKII. Based in Valencia, Spain,  a great multihull sailing destination, our Corsair team decided to trailer a Dash MKII trimaran south to beautiful Alicante to be on the water during the 'Volvo Ocean - In Port Race'.  The standard and purpose built one-design Volvo Ocean 65 boats are spectacular to watch from on the water and so close up.  We sure... Read More »
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Voiles Mag on the Dash 750 MKI

Parlez-vous français? Alors cet article est pour vous! Read this Voiles Magazine article which compares the Corsair trimaran Dash 750 MKI to the Astus 24 and the Tricat 25. Read the full article in French on OwnCloud here >>    Warning: The article does take a minute to load and you will have to accept to enter the page. Also, this article will only be available online through 31 Dec 2014. Read More »
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Introducing the Pulse 600

  The Pulse 600 is the latest design from the world's larges trimaran manufacturer! This exciting, new model is full of Corsair DNA modernized to meet the latest generation of trimaran sailor. On a product more compact and affordable than ever before, you can be part of the growing Corsair community with over 2000 boats launched and countless hours of fun, excitement and adventure. The Pulse 600 is a sports boat that is about pure FUN... - Get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds    -... Read More »
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Le Grand Pavois, International Boat Show at La Rochelle

You wouldn't want to miss this fantastic event!  The Grand Pavois is one of the three largest floating boat shows in the world. The oldest floating boat show in Europe, the Grand Pavois was founded in 1973, and it welcomes on average 2,000 professionals and around 100,000 visitors. Each year a different country or region is chosen as the special theme. A few numbers will give you an idea of the scale of the event: 850 exhibitors from 35 nations, 100 000m² of exhibition space split into eight... Read More »
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DASH 750 MKII shows at Southampton Boat Show

  Come on over - September 12-21, 2014 to explore the DASH 750,  Corsair Marine's, latest trimaran,  offering the same performance as the DASH 750 MK1. Key differences include; 'Sexy' modern styling for the deck; Additional head room in the forward 'v' berth; Brighter saloon with carpet replaced with white liner; Vastly improved sliding 'pop top' with gas struts; Extended seat backs; Improved galley option with storage. If you fancy a test sail on this exciting trimaran, please contact us now!  ... Read More »
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Corsair Cruze 970 replaces the 31 - all for the better!

  The sporty, foldable, trailerable Corsair Cruze 970 trimaran will routinely knock off double-diget boat speeds By Tim Murphy, Photos by Billy Black Since 1985 the Corsair 31 has been a familiar trimaran on the racing and cruising scene. At yards in Australia and California, 303 of that model were built, with subtle design tweaks over the years. This year, the Corsair Cruze 970 replaces the 31 — and it’s all for the better. Longer amas, as well as bows that are more plumb and hull forms with... Read More »
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Roller Reefing

Question: With the standard Sprint Mk1 setup, the end of the rotation arm extends past the deck padeye which I assume is there to connect the rotation arm to the deck after having rolled the sail around the boom for reefing? I could connect the rotation adjustment system further back so it is more vertical above the padeye but my question is will this create undesirable forces pulling the rotation lever hard against the back of the mast? What do others do to solve this? See attached image... Read More »
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Efficient and powerful rotating mast control on a Corsair

The correct rotation of a rotating mast will give a much more efficient and powerful mainsail. It is thus important that the rig not be set up too tight as this can prevent full rotation. There are many opinions on what the correct amount of rotation should be but a general guideline is to keep the mast rotated enough to give a smooth, even, transition from the mast to the mainsail on the leeward side. Achieving the right amount of rotation will improve your speed and mainsail shape by... Read More »
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