Introducing the Pulse 600

  The Pulse 600 is the latest design from the world's larges trimaran manufacturer! This exciting, new model is full of Corsair DNA modernized to meet the latest generation of trimaran sailor. On a product more compact and affordable than ever before, you can be part of the growing Corsair community with over 2000 boats launched and countless hours of fun, excitement and adventure. The Pulse 600 is a sports boat that is about pure FUN... - Get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds    -... Read More »
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Le Grand Pavois, International Boat Show at La Rochelle

You wouldn't want to miss this fantastic event!  The Grand Pavois is one of the three largest floating boat shows in the world. The oldest floating boat show in Europe, the Grand Pavois was founded in 1973, and it welcomes on average 2,000 professionals and around 100,000 visitors. Each year a different country or region is chosen as the special theme. A few numbers will give you an idea of the scale of the event: 850 exhibitors from 35 nations, 100 000m² of exhibition space split into eight... Read More »
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DASH 750 MKII shows at Southampton Boat Show

  Come on over - September 12-21, 2014 to explore the DASH 750,  Corsair Marine's, latest trimaran,  offering the same performance as the DASH 750 MK1. Key differences include; 'Sexy' modern styling for the deck; Additional head room in the forward 'v' berth; Brighter saloon with carpet replaced with white liner; Vastly improved sliding 'pop top' with gas struts; Extended seat backs; Improved galley option with storage. If you fancy a test sail on this exciting trimaran, please contact us now!  ... Read More »
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Corsair Cruze 970 replaces the 31 - all for the better!

  The sporty, foldable, trailerable Corsair Cruze 970 trimaran will routinely knock off double-diget boat speeds By Tim Murphy, Photos by Billy Black Since 1985 the Corsair 31 has been a familiar trimaran on the racing and cruising scene. At yards in Australia and California, 303 of that model were built, with subtle design tweaks over the years. This year, the Corsair Cruze 970  replaces the 31 — and it’s all for the better. Longer amas, as well as bows that are more plumb and hull forms with... Read More »
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Roller Reefing

Question: With the standard Sprint Mk1 setup, the end of the rotation arm extends past the deck padeye which I assume is there to connect the rotation arm to the deck after having rolled the sail around the boom for reefing? I could connect the rotation adjustment system further back so it is more vertical above the padeye but my question is will this create undesirable forces pulling the rotation lever hard against the back of the mast? What do others do to solve this? See attached image... Read More »
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Efficient and powerful rotating mast control on a Corsair

The correct rotation of a rotating mast will give a much more efficient and powerful mainsail. It is thus important that the rig not be set up too tight as this can prevent full rotation. There are many opinions on what the correct amount of rotation should be but a general guideline is to keep the mast rotated enough to give a smooth, even, transition from the mast to the mainsail on the leeward side. Achieving the right amount of rotation will improve your speed and mainsail shape by... Read More »
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Learn more about Corsair's windward performance

All Corsair models will point very high if set up and sailed correctly but this can also be very dependent on the crew’s skill. It is possible to point just as high as a mono hull but this may not be the fastest way to windward. A good multihull is capable of much higher speeds to windward than a mono, which also brings the apparent wind forward, to where pointing is much greater. One thing to avoid is over sheeting the headsail, while pulling this very tightly will guarantee a good pointing ... Read More »
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Our Sailing Adventure at the 2014 Corsair Nationals!

Photo above provided by Kathryn Garlick. We arrived in Port Clinton late Wednesday afternoon with my Sprint 750 after a rather eventful trip. Sometimes the hardest challenge of sailboat racing is just getting the boat to the starting line! We rigged and launched the boat and took a pleasant cruise down the Portage River to the Port Clinton Yacht Club,  just in time for the skippers meeting and Corsair welcome party and to make final preparations for the race to Put-In-Bay the next morning. Light ... Read More »
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2014 Corsair Nationals Recap

Racers experienced remarkable design diversity at the 2014 Corsair Nationals, thirteen different designs were represented! The Corsair F27 fleet had the best turnout this year, qualifying as a One-Design fleet with nine entries. The event organizers did a great job, and settled on three fleets. One for trimarans less than 27 feet, another for those longer than 27, with the F27s in their own start. Finishing in the small boat fleet an F25C beat a pair of Sprint 750 MkIIs, and an F22 took... Read More »
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C-37 Transit of Venus in the Pacific Cup!

Be sure to check the Pacific Cup Race tracker to follow along with the race of a lifetime for the Corsair trimaran 37 "Transit of Venus"!   TRACK NOW >> Skipper Rick Waltonsmith and crew have successfully navigated the first few days of the race to launch themselves into a great position overall so far. Their southerly track is more often than not the favored track on the way to Hawaii and the weather forecast confirms lighter wind further north on the course.   READ MORE >>   Read More »
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Trimaran sailors show commitment!

Excitement is building for the 2014 Corsair Nationals!  Read about one committed sailor from the 2013 Corsair Nationals. Story by Kimball Livingston from Sail Magazine Here’s a game I invented at the 2013 Corsair Nationals. Ask the owner of any of Corsair’s folding trailerable trimarans for an opinion of the boat—and take a step back. You’ll need some extra space to absorb the superlatives. These people don’t just like their boats: they bear the passions of the misunderstood. If we poke Phil... Read More »
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New Outboard Motor

Question: I have a 1993 Honda 9.9 motor that nobody can fix so that it starts consistently and runs dependably. Local engine repair outfit, friends, etc have all tried. I am tossing in the towel and need a good, dependable outboard. Would like to get electric start engine that works! Am considering the 15HP honda. Any suggestions? I am in Kailua-Kona, HI. Dealer carries Honda and Yamaha. Name: Garrette Boat_Type: F31 R Answer: Hi there again Garrette, Another great question! I am not by any... Read More »
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Transport sailing from Vaxholm Sweden to Ingaro

Part one - Transport sailing on a Corsair Dash 750 from Vaxholm Sweden, to Ingarö in the Stockholm arcipelago. Part two - Participating in the Ornö Runt sailing competition, 2009. Watch video! Great soundtrack - very nice! Read More »
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Corsair Trimaran F31 "Sea Bird" flying

Corsair F31 Sea Bird entertains J30 Vee Jay 40569 and Wavelength 30 Shock crew during the F31's sea trial off Naples FL. Speed ran up to 18 kts GPS. Fast Trimaran What a blast! Watch their video! Read More »
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Corsair Dash 750 in Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is the largest archipelago in Sweden, and the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea.  Sailing the Stockholm archipelago during the summer of 2010 on a Corsair Dash 750 trimaran. We love this thing! Watch their video >>   Read More »
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Cracking sound in the mast of my C28

Question: Hello Corsair Team, I got a pretty annoying and loud cracking sound within the mast of my C28, when I am sailing with more wind or even, when I just push firmly horizontally at the lower end of the mast. It seems that the sound is coming from somewhere from within in breast height although this is difficult to determine exactly. I already detached the boom and lossened all halyards in order to exclude that it was coming from a misleaded halyard under tension... without any result. The... Read More »
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The Dash Makes a Splash in Portsmouth

Multihull World's Corsair trimaran, the Dash 750 MkII made a spectacular impression at the UK's best event, the Portsmouth Multihull Show, a boat show specifically for multihull company's to show off their new catamaran designs. The Dash trimaran sailboat was a big hit with our visitors, who were impressed with the living space and the Dash's ease of trailerability. The all new Corsair 750 MKll Series offers two great choices in the one exciting design package.  Designed to be easy everywhere –... Read More »
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Corsair C28 CE will take you anywhere you sail (or race) in style and comfort

Corsair 28CE – Centre Cockpit Cruiser Economy  Just as with the Corsair 28CR, the 28CE provides a range of waterborne recreation and adventure possibilities unequaled by other sailboat brands. The Corsair 28CE represents a unique and unbeatable combination of comfort, performance and ease of handling. This model is definitely in a class of its own that will take you anywhere you sail (or race) in style and comfort. Unlike the 28CR, the 28CE does not include an enclosed head and pump out station.... Read More »
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Circumnavigating the earth on the Arctic Ocean

In Celebration of Corsair Marine’s 30 year Anniversary Sailing “Impossible” North West Passage – Commenced 23 June 2010 Circumnavigating the earth on the Arctic Ocean in a single summer was an “impossible challenge” according to two Norwegian adventurers – unless you were sailing Corsair Marine’s 31UC trimaran. On 23 June 2010, those two adventurers, Borge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson began their journey. They set off from Oslo, Norway. Billed as one of the most notable sea voyages of our... Read More »
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UK MOCRA Nationals at Poole Regatta

Multihull World  entered their Corsair trimaran, the Dash 750 MkII demonstrator in this years MOCRA Nationals. Our multihull sailors enjoyed an outstanding bank holiday weekend with other multihull sailboats off the Jurassic Dorset Coastline.   Skipper Ryan Vick said "the Dash performed really well on the water, the races were thrilling and my crew and I really enjoyed sailing this trimaran.  The Dash created a lot of interest, in particular its trailability and the internal space you get... Read More »
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