Corsair Sprint 750 MKII - Easy on land, water and shorthanded!

The  Corsair Sprint 750 MKll Series offers two great choices in one exciting design package.  They are designed to be easy everywhere – on land, water and shorthanded. A virtual One Design.  The Dash MKll and Sprint 750 MKll  share important design features which make these two separate models virtually one design, this means they can be raced competitively against one another in open and club racing.  The hull, floats, folding mechanism, rudder, daggerboard, rig and sails are exactly the same.  ... Read More »
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Come see us at the New England Boat Show! February 22 - March 2

Come visit Bob and Ira to see the new Corsair DASH MKII. Along with the Corsair we will have a Weta Trimaran, the packable PakBoat kayaks and other related accessories from Spade anchors to Ronstan gear and a new magic boat hook! "New England Boat Show continues to be the largest and best attended indoor show in the Northeast.  The Convention Center is a great building and it is fantastic to see every thing in one big hall". View our photos from the NEBS on our Facebook Photo Album >> If you... Read More »
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Lifting Eye Positioning

Question: I need to use the lifting eyes to put the boat on the trailer, but it is not clear to me which are the lifting eyes position! Should I use the eyes positioned on the floats? Or there are 2 "eyes" positioned on the hull where the front arms move? in this case do I use the stern cleat as rear lifting eyes? Thanks for your help! Name: Antoine Boat_Type: F24 MkII Answer: Hi Antoine, Thank you for your question about use of lifting eyes! Always use your Corsair Marine Sailing Manual for the... Read More »
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Improve your sailing skills - Fort Walton Beach, May 31 - June 1

Windcraft Multihulls invites you to our 2014 "Spring into Action" Sailing Clinic for Corsair Trimarans. Don't miss this opportunity for two days of expert on-the-water instruction combined with shoreside classroom presentations and discussions. Taught by Randy Smyth, world renowned multihull sailor and coach. Dates: Sat May 31/Sunday June 1   Where: Fort Walton Yacht Club. Fort Walton Beach, FL Cost: $350 per person Lunch will be provided on both days; dinner will be provided Saturday evening.... Read More »
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Corsair Cruze 970 finds a home from the Dusseldorf Boat Show

Congratulations go out to Mr. Richard Muller (center of the above photo) who was first in to buy the Cruze 970 at the Dusseldorf Boat Show! Both Mike Rees (Corsair General Manager) and Werner Stolz (Corsair Southern Germany dealer) are really excited to have Richard returning as a Corsair buyer. Richard previously owned the all carbon Corsair 37 “Silver Chiller” which he successfully campaigned around much of Europe. Richard is “very happy to own a Corsair Trimaran again and looking forward to... Read More »
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The New Corsair Sailing Manual

The Corsair Sailing Manual contains important information about the safe operation and maintenance of your Corsair-built trimaran. Read it carefully, become familiar with the procedures described, and follow the recommendations to help make your sailing enjoyable and trouble-free. Corsair trimarans are designed and built as high-performance cruising trimarans, which when used as intended, with their enormous stability and unsinkability, are among the safest and fastest trimarans afloat. Click... Read More »
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Trailering Your Corsair Trimaran

The total towing weight can vary considerably, depending on model and options, and can be determined exactly by using a weighbridge. Check that the vehicle is approved and equipped as recommended by its manufacturer for towing this weight, and the capacity of the towing hitch is suitable. While towing, watch for strong crosswinds. A Corsair trimaran is a relatively light boat for towing, but it still has considerable wind age. For easy, stable towing, the trailer should be balanced to have 5 to... Read More »
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DASH MKII, 12 months on.

Hello Corsair, Last spring it was a special feeling to me when the first pictures of the new Corsair Dash 750 MKII were published, because I knew it would soon be MY boat. She was on her way to the “boot” exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany. After the exhibition I would take her home to the Baltic in Northern Germany by trailer. Of course I had to see her right at her arrival in Germany, so I was there when she arrived at the exhibition ground. The pictures had shown much of the new details,... Read More »
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The Sprint 750 Very Light and Lively to Sail!

This is a fun boat! I've sailed in San Francisco Bay, on the Sprint 750, through "the slot" and felt very secure. It was a solid sailing trimaran. Here's a fun video featuring the the Corsair Sprint 750. This video was first posted back in 2010. I thought I'd bring it back out of the archives for everyone to enjoy. The Corsair Sprint 750...brought to you by Bob Gleason, Don Wigston and Phil Styne. Here is what Sailing World had to say back in 2007… The Corsair SPRINT 750 (24') is Sailing World... Read More »
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Corsair Replacement Parts

Need to replace something on your Corsair? Save yourself time and call your Corsair Marine dealer who can provide you with any replacement part for all current Corsair trimarans. Winter is a good time to carefully inspect your boat for broken, aged, or damaged equipment. One area of neglect that we often see on customer’s boats is the running rigging. Halyards and sheets don’t last forever. Sheets and halyards become stiff with embedded salt and degraded by UV. Your Corsair will be much more... Read More »
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Are there any resources for finding Corsair Trimaran owners?

Question: Are there any resources for finding Corsair Trimaran owners? Owners that might be selling there Corsair? I have only found brokers selling Corsairs. With Broker & Advertizing fees, the selling price is a bit high. Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Thank You, Kevin PS. This is my first sailboat and I appreciate any constructive comments. I am thinking a C-31 with fore and aft berths with a bathroom in the middle. Name: J Kevin Donovan Boat_Type: Corsair 31 Answer: Hi Kevin, That... Read More »
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2014 Corsair Nationals & Rendezvous Put-In-Bay, OH USA

Announcing the 2014 Corsair US Nationals & Rendezvous to be held July 31 to August 3 on Lake Erie at Put-In-Bay Yacht Club, Ohio.  *  Registration has been extended! Registration ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, July 20th!!  * REGISTER FOR NATIONALS HERE >>  The event is being hosted during the Inter-Lake Yachting Association’s Bayweek Regatta, a top-notch event in North America. Put-in-Bay is a major tourist and vacation destination located on South Bass Island in the western end of Lake Erie. Click... Read More »
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Corsair 50 Luxury Cruising Performance Catamaran

Corsair’s years of experience in performance multihulls has gone into the development of this latest Corsair performance cruising Catamaran. With design and engineering from world renowned Reichel Pugh Yacht Design, the Corsair 50 utilizes the latest materials and building techniques. For over 24 years, Corsair owners have expected a level of performance from their yacht, and the Corsair 50 is no exception, this tradition has been carried over into a luxury perfomance cruising catamaran. This is... Read More »
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Corsair F-24 Trimaran Benefits

Here is a good overview of the Corsair F-24 written up by Jack Hornor. Naval architect Jack Hornor was the principal surveyor and designer for Marine Survey & Design, Co., based in Annapolis, MD. He was on the boards of the American Boat and Yacht Council, the National Association of Marine Surveyors, and the Society of Boat and Yacht Designers. He and his wife sailed their Catalina 42, Legacy, based on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I was a helicopter pilot in the military and whenever rotary wing... Read More »
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It's time to prepare for next year’s sailing season.

Now that the sailing season is winding down or has wound down for most of us its time to think about boat maintenance. Help preserve your Corsair trimaran's gel coat by giving it a thorough waxing and buffing. This protects the gel coat from further deterioration (oxidization) and will pay dividends when eventually (perish the thought) its time to sell your boat. Also take the time to “winterize” your Corsair trimaran's motor--which at the very least means flushing out any residual salt water... Read More »
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La Vida Starships offers Full Service on Corsair Trimarans

In the last 20 years we have repaired or replaced just about everything that can be broken on a Corsair trimaran, however the one fact that we are constantly being reminded of is the strength and quality built into these Corsair trimarans. We can apply bottom paint, rerig or replace a mast, repair a damaged daggerboard or rudder, replace halyards or sheets, consult on choices for sails or outboard motors, or apply custom graphics. All of these services give the customer more time on the water. ... Read More »
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Corsair Trimarans on the Water This Weekend in Texas

Check out all of these Corsair Trimaran sailboats! Chris Croninger and crew aboard Corsair 31 1D Condor cast off dock lines, headed for the racecourse under a clearing sky Saturday morning at the Texas Hill Country’s Lake Canyon Yacht Club’s annual Wurstfest Regatta. After a rainy morning generated by Pacific moisture streaming across the high terrain of Mexico, crews onboard Doug Casey’s Corsair 31 Tribolgy, Charlie Mayer’s Sprint 750, Brioso and John Kruc’s Sprint 750 had all completed their... Read More »
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The Power of Beauty and Strength

Both the Corsair 31 trimaran and the desirable Ferraris are works of art. With designs that emanate passion for racing, perfection and power. WOW! The Corsair Trimaran Cruze 970 has its root in the need to modernize the highly successful Corsair 31. Corsair built over three hundred C31s. A C31UC, even sailed around the Arctic Circle in 2010 and, in the process, became the world’s first sailing vessel to pass through the North West and North East Passages, in a single season. The C31 is a proven,... Read More »
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The Corsair Sprint 750 MK II Built to Last

Long time Corsair sailor and Dealer in Florida, Steve Marsh from the Finish Line says that,"The Sprint 750 MKII and the Dash 750 are the two best, most fun, fast and exciting trimarans Corsair has ever built". But as with all of Corsair Marine’s trimaran sailboats, the Sprint 750 MK II also delivers on the other “Corsair Critical Criteria”: safety through structural integrity; and ease of trailerability brought about by the simplicity of the floats’ folding mechanism and the raising/lowering of... Read More »
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New Concepts in Corsair DASH 750 MK II

Key new features of the newest member to the Corsair trimaran family include: •  Sexy, modern styling for the deck (same as Sprint 750MKII) •  Additional headroom and space in the forward V berth created by the higher deck •  Significantly brighter saloon with carpet being replaced by a clean, white, liner •  Vastly improved sliding pop top with gas struts •  Trimming for windows •  Extended and strengthened seat backs for a neater finish •  Timber trimming added above seat backs to add warmth... Read More »
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