The New Corsair Cruze 970

The brand new Corsair trimaran CRUZE 970 holds all the features of the Corsair 31, while also focusing on the comfortability for people and families. It’s speed, performance, safety, reliability and ease of trailering are just a few of it's highlights, but it also effectively accommodates for the needs of partners, guests and children on board. The Cruze 970 is slightly longer than the C31 and it’s deck has been raised hence creating about 15% more space inside the cabin. Most importantly, as a... Read More »
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The Versatile Corsair DASH 750

This Corsair trimaran is not only built with trailerability, but it also gives owners the lightweight sportboat they want - the Corsair Dash 750 is the best of it’s kind. The transition from trailering to to sailing takes only about 30 minutes - the best in it's class for multihull sailboats. Everything about the Corsair Dash 750 trimaran is designed to get you on the water and across the water quickly, comfortably and affordably.  The main cabin allows for comfortable family cruising. The... Read More »
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Cruising with the Corsair C50 Catamaran

Corsair Marine has years of experience in performance multihull sailboats. Years of development have contributed to the Corsair performance cruising Catamaran. With design and engineering from world renowned Reichel Pugh Yacht Design, the Corsair 50 utilizes the latest materials and building techniques. READ MORE >> View our full gallery for Corsair C50's here. Read More »
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The Athletic Corsair Sprint 750 MK II

As with all of Corsair Marine’s trimarans, the Sprint 750 MK II also delivers on the other “Corsair Critical Criteria”: safety through structural integrity; and ease of trailerabilty brought about by the simplicity of the floats’ folding mechanism and the raising/lowering of the mast. By being so trailerable, so many more sailing opportunities open up for day sailing with the family or racing – all at a very affordable price. READ MORE >> View our full gallery of Corsair Sprint 750 MK II's here.... Read More »
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12 More Reasons Why Corsair’s are the Best

Your next big adventure is right around the corner! Our multihull sailboats are known in the industry for the best trailerable catamarans and trimarans. Here are 12 reasons why Corsair’s are the best:  1. Extraordinary speed and effortless acceleration are trademarks of Corsairs. Their ability to fly on a puff or generate their own high-power apparent wind is legendary. Without a lead keel to create drag, and with tangible buoyancy in construction technique and materials, Corsairs are... Read More »
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Trailering Made Easy - Why Corsair Leads in Trailerable Trimarans

   Corsair has been crafting multihull sailboats since 1985 and now has over 1,700 sailing waters throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America. People often ask us why we are the world’s leader in trailerable trimarans, and the answer is quite simple. Check out the Corsair Marine YouTube channel to see various videos or read more About Corsair Marine here.  Here are just a few reasons why we lead in the multihull sailboats industry:
  • Fold the floats (amas) in minutes.
  • Lower the...
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Finding a Dealer Near You!

Corsair is known globally as the most popular trailerable sailing trimarans since 1985. From the Unites States to Europe, Australia, Asia and South America, our boats are the best in their class. If you are looking for a Corsair trimaran for sale, please find a dealer to discuss your decision. Our dealers can talk to you about multihull sailboats and see which Corsair for sale is best for you! Find a Dealer near you today, and you are one step away from your next big adventure! Feel free to... Read More »
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