Activity Guide for the 2014 Corsair Nationals and Rendezvous

2014 Corsair Nationals and Rendezvous at I-LYA Bay Week Regatta - July 31 to August 3, 2014

We are confident that we have the world's greatest venue for Casual Cruisers. We have the beautiful Lake Erie Islands and the wind! Come for the Rendezvous and stay for the week!!!

*  Registration has been extended! Registration ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, July 20th!!  *


Submit your Handicap Certificate Application to Trey Ritter via email! Email Trey >>

Port Clinton Yacht Club - Your summer cruising adventure begins here!

Wednesday, July 30th

Welcome PartyPort Clinton Yacht Club (PCYC) invites all participants to their facility for a Welcoming Party and for registration. Corsair Racers will be able to meet and greet other participants. PCYC is opening up their grounds, pool picnic area, club, and bar to the racers! Racers will have dockage (included in your participation fee) on the Portage River, with access to bathrooms and showers on the grounds. There is ramp launching at several locations nearby. The Put-in-Bay JET EXPRESS People Ferry is docked just across the river from PCYC. There is lodging and restaurants available within short walking distance of the host club. You can always stay on your boat, but if you are looking for a place to rest on land, check out these deals on TripAdvisor >>

Thursday, July 31st

Race One - PCYC will serve as Race Headquarters for Race One to Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island. Participants can race or cruise over to Put-in-Bay as part of this Feeder Race.  

Casual Cruising Class - We will have a Cruising Class for non-racers and Jib & Main Boats. Cruisers will have a separate start and finish line with a starting window for a no-pressure start. Cruisers will sail one Round-the-Islands Course each day.  They will enjoy same Social Package, Parties and Activities as the racing fleet. 

The Cruising Fleet will have the option to race each day, or explore the nearby Lake Erie Islands.   We have 4 Islands within a short sail of PIB.  Explore Middle Bass Island just across the channel or take the Lonz Ferry. Take an amazing step in to the Caribbean at St Hazard's Resort, MBI!  Get a cool drink at the Tiki Bar and enjoy free access to the pool and hot tub!  You won't believe that you are in Ohio! 

Take a sail to Kelley's Island - Take a day sail to Kelley's Island and anchor off the north beach! Hike the nature trails, enjoy the flora and fauna. Explore the Glacial Grooves and the local pubs and wineries. You can also hole-up at Kelley's Island Seaway Marina on the south side, where you are within easy walking distance of several watering holes and restaurants...the Pump and the Casino among them, but don't come back late for the parties!!

As a resort community, Put-in-Bay has been called the "Key West of the North" and "the Playground for Adults." South Bass Island offers plenty to do for the whole family. You have shopping, dining, sightseeing, or you can choose from the many types of outdoor recreation. Climb to the top of Perry's Monument where you will gain a Bird's eye view of the Lake Erie Islands and Canada. Landlubbers can tour the island by bike, golf cart or tour train. The adventurous can try para-sailing or kayaking. The kids may want to try mining for gems at Perry's Cave or exploring the inside of the World's Largest Geode at Crystal Cave. Read more about the Fun Factor here >>

For the Adults, there are wineries, breweries and the World's Longest Bar with entertainment offered all day and into the night. 

Post Regatta Event: Corsairs have been given a special invitation by Middle Bass Island Yacht Club Members to come across the channel to their Yacht Club for an After Dark Glow Party where they will enjoy overnight dockage at reduced rates! Walk from your dock to JF Walleyes for specials and discounts especially for you!

After the Regatta, take a cruise to the nearby Pelee Island or to Leamington. Pelee Island, Ontario is a great Cruising destination with Scudder's Marina located on the North Bay. Bring your passport.  After you check in with Customs, you are free to explore this largely rural Island.

Take the free shuttle to Pelee Island Winery.  Enjoy the wine garden, award winning wines, a large selection of artisanal cheeses and great french baguettes. You can also rent a bike from Comfortech... they will even bring your bike rentals to you! Explore the restored historical light house at Lighthouse Point and gaze over an endless beach on the East side of the island. For dinner, you can cook out, or you can hike down to the nautical Anchor and Wheel Inn to grab a bite or head next door to Scudder Beach Bar and Grill. Don't miss out on all Pelee Island has to offer!

The Leamington Municipal Marina, Ontario is just a day sail away. En route, you will sail within sight of the most unusual Heli Pad and Pelee Channel Light. Leamington Marina is a beautiful modern marina, with all the amenities for an extended stay. There are several great restaurants within short walking distance of the marina. Walk along the Harbor Promenade, lined with colorful gardens, lamp posts, and historical markers to the Waterfront Grill and Bar (they have the best Greek Antipasto Salad)! Across the way is a typical Canadian Hot Dog place, ice cream and perch carry-out. Next to that is the best breakfast place in town, Gaspard's.

Take a hike up the hill to the beer store, the wine store, or the grocery store. Try the local's favorites that include the English marmalade, HP sauce, butter tarts or peameal bacon! Save your legs and take a taxi back to the marina.

Rent bikes at the marina, or take a taxi to Point Pelee National Park and enjoy all the park has to offer by hiking or biking the boardwalk or renting a canoeing and explore on the water! The park has wonderful rolling trails that take you all the way to the Visitor Center at Pelee Point which is very interesting and educational. Birder watchers will find out why Pelee Point is on the fly way for the annual migration of birds and Monarch butterflies. On your trip back to the marina, stop at Paula's Fish Place for the best perch in Ontario. 

Enjoy a short cruise to Cedar Point Marina to enjoy Roller Coaster Capital where you can ride 9 of the Top 10 Roller coasters in the U.S.!

Come for the regatta or stay for the week! South Bass Island has accommodations at all price points with available hotel rooms, B&B's, condos, cottages and a lovely wooded State Park Campground overlooking the lake. Dockage and/or Mooring Buoys are included in your registration. You can always save some bucks and stay on your boat!

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