Are you too old to sail?

Of course not! Occasionally we are told by potential customers that they think they are too old to buy a Corsair trimaran. My somewhat trite, tongue in cheek answer is “You are only as old as you think you are”. By this I mean feeling old is more a state of mind than a physical condition. We have sold boats to several people well into their 80s, many of whom are still sailing actively.

Take Andy Green for example. Andy and his wife Joyce are an adventurous couple who have sailed extensively practically all their lives. Together they have crossed the Gulf of Mexico on several occasions from Texas to Vera Cruz, usually in a race. Andy is a structural engineer who pioneered the application of composite materials to airplane and boat structures. He and his son built Olympic-class sailboats for many years, including the famous Flying Dutchman. Because of his expertise in composites Andy was recruited to design and build the chassis for the soon to be famous Chaparral race car for Texas car racer Jim Hall. The Chaparral was the first successful automotive load bearing application of composites, and of uni-body chassis construction in general. Andy’s understanding and respect for light weight composite construction led him to build two different hi tech trimarans. First an all carbon/expoxy/foam core 50 ft trimaran called Bird, built to a Dick Newick design, which on several occasions won line honors in the annual Harvest Moon race from Galveston to Port Aransas. Second, an all carbon 35 ft Ian Farrier designed trimaran called Blue Moon. Blue Moon was essentially a stretched F-32, but with minimal creature comforts. Both boats were blindingly fast and practically unbeatable in distance races (click here for a report by Andy's partner Robby Greene of Blue Moon winning line honors in the 2015 Regatta des Amigos--Galveston to Vera Cruz). Along the way Andy and Joyce owned two Corsair 28s—first a 2000 28R, which was the inspiration for going with an Ian Farrier design for Blue Moon. Later at the age of 80, after Andy had sold Blue Moon, he told me he “probably should slow down a bit”, so had me find him another Corsair F-28! The day I brought it to him Andy invited me to stay overnight so I could go rowing with him the next day. (Need I say that Andy’s two row boats are both made out of carbon fiber?) Being a bit of a rower myself I readily agreed.That was before he told me that rowing was always done at 5 am!

Andy will never be “too old” because he is always too excited about his next adventure to think about it. Like the PT boat he bought and is now preparing for cruising, at age 83. Andy and others like him who are still sailing and planning adventures well into their 80’s and 90’s are an inspiration to us.

So enough of the “I’m too old” excuses!

For the adventurers amongst you, check out this even more advanced Ian Farrier design, Jerry Fiat's all carbon F-32SRCX "Taniwha" (formerly Jailbreak"..

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