Attersee Grand Prix 2017

Todays report from UYCAS yacht club on the 2017 Attersee Grand Prix results:

"While light winds prevailed at the beginning of the Grand Prix, the wind blew in between 20 knots (about 40 km / h), then dropped sharply at the end of the regatta. The light wind phases put the nerves of the participants to the test, the strong wind phases the skills but also the material. While the nerves of the participants and the ability to stand well, a "Want" (a steel rope used to fix the mast) was used in the special class "Bibelot", which led to a mast breach.

The fastest boat this year was the 18-foot skiff with the team crews Günther Zieher / Moritz Zieher and Martin Mayrhofer (all UYCAs), second in the finish were the fastest of last year, the brothers Eitzinger (SCATT) with their tornado.

But since there are different classes of boots, there is a valuation according to the time of the sailing. Different boats have a different handicap (yardstick number), which makes it possible to compete fairly.

The absolute advantage of the fast boats this time was not big enough that they could win even after corrected time. The fastest Günther Zieher reached five after a calculated time.

The first place in the standings and thus the victory of the Attersee Grand Prix secured the team Gerhard Pils (UYCAs) / Peter Steinkogler (UYCT) with a Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran. Second place was Dominik Prexl (WSCW) with his team on a Sunfast 3200. Michael Farthofer, president of the Union Yacht Club Attersee, finished third with his Platu 25 as in the previous year and secured the victory in the category of sport boats ,

Gerhard Pils with his Pulse 600, of course, also leads the intermediate evaluation of the long distance challenge. The second race will take place with the 24hours from Attersee next weekend (14th - 15th July 2017).

In the midterm evaluation of the Attersee Cup, Christian Reiter was able to maintain his lead, while Thomas Tschepen (SCK) and Thomas Mathy (UYCAs) finished second."


Congratulations Gerhard and crew, what a great effort! Gehard, a true Corsair enthusiast, spends his summers in Austria and winters in Langkawi, Malaysia. To ensure he gets enough time out on the water he therefore owns two Pulse 600's one in each location so he never has to miss out on a great day on the water!

Learn more about the Pulse 600 HERE>>

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