Pulse 600 - SAIL BEST BOAT Nominee for 2016


Beautiful blue skies for the Pulse 600 at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis!

October 8-12, 2015

Bob Gleason, Ira Heller, Steve Marsh and Don Wigston will all be on hand to discuss this exciting new boat. Designed by Francois Perus of Perus Yacht Design, the Pulse 600 is designed as a simple, safe and exciting one design day sports boat made to easily store and trailer after sailing. 

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The Pulse 600 at the US Boat Show along with the Corsair Cruze 970.

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The Pulse 600, Corsair Marine's newest innovation has just been announced as a nominee for the highly regarded 2016 European Yacht Of The Year award. This will be the second year running that Corsair Marine has had a new trimaran nominated for this prestigious award. This title will recognize seaworthy qualities, sailboat design and construction and is decided by a jury comprised of professionals from some of the top European marine magazines.  The award will be presented at a special evening event held for marine professionals at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in January of 2016. With Pulse 600’s now being delivered into all continents, this new 20ft trimaran will be on display at all major European and US boat shows.  

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