New Question - Towing Weight

I have an interest but I need to know the towing weight. I understand it can very with different trailers and equipment but you must know what a the towing weight is on a base boat. Thank you. Name: Howard paul Boat_Type: Aft cockpit 28 Subject: Towing Weight Read More »
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RB&I Trans-Ocean Medal Awarded to Corsair Team

  Berk Plathner, owner of Corsair 28 CE named "Hikari" #256, received the Trans-Ocean medal for his participation in the famous Round Britain and Ireland – double handed yacht race. Berk did this race with co-skipper Werner Stolz, who is also our Corsair Dealer for South Germany.  The Trans Ocean is a club for offshore sailors (cruisers and racers) with about 5000 members, 200 representatives around the world and has a very long tradition.  Berk received this medal because he did this race in a... Read More »
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Corsair C28 CE will take you anywhere you sail (or race) in style and comfort

Corsair 28CE – Centre Cockpit Cruiser Economy  Just as with the Corsair 28CR, the 28CE provides a range of waterborne recreation and adventure possibilities unequaled by other sailboat brands. The Corsair 28CE represents a unique and unbeatable combination of comfort, performance and ease of handling. This model is definitely in a class of its own that will take you anywhere you sail (or race) in style and comfort. Unlike the 28CR, the 28CE does not include an enclosed head and pump out station.... Read More »
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Corsair German Dealer Races in the 'Round Britain and Ireland 2014!

Corsair's very own dealer for South Germany, Werner Stoltz, is participating in the 'Round Britain and Ireland 2014 race that started on Sunday, June 1st. We are cheering him on all over the world, and tracking his live results online here! You may also keep up-to-date on Werner's progress through our Corsair social sites on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Werner is celebrating 30 years with Corsair and 15 Years of Corsair Germany by sailing in the Round’ Britain and Ireland (Commonly known as... Read More »
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30 Year Timeline of Corsair Marine

1984 - Corsair Marine was established through a partnership between John Walton (son of Sam Walton, Founder of Wal Mart) who offered to finance the production of the uniquely designed F boat and Ian Farrier, the designer who patented and built the original prototype in Australia back in 1974. With the production facility located in San Diego, California together they produced and marketed the world's first trailerable and very fast, trimarans. This initial partnership thus set the stage for a... Read More »
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The Corsair Dash arrives 'Down Under' - Qld

The 24' Corsair Dash MKII trimaran sits proudly alongside her SEAWIND catamaran cousin during the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in Queensland, Australia. The Dash's arrival to the southern hemisphere means passionate sailors hanging out south of the equator have a new and exciting opportunity to explore Antipodean waters aboard this fantastic Corsair boat. What you get?  You get speed, affordability, comfort, style and tons of multi-purpose options.  It's a catamaran design that's absolutely perfect... Read More »
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Raising and Lowering the Mainsail on a Corsair Easier

Question: Anybody have ideas for easier raise and lower of mainsail? Harkin batt cars or inserts for track on mast? Fully battoned Kevlar main bolt rope has swollen, I am older and want to be able to drop main really easy? Name: Mike Pryor Boat_Type: C28ce Subject: Mainsail hard to lower bolt rope replacement systems? Answer:  Hi Mike, Thank you for your question!  We reached out to Multihull Sailboat Expert, Mat Bryant, of West Coast Multihulls to answer your question. Here are his thoughts on ... Read More »
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12 More Reasons Why Corsair’s are the Best

Your next big adventure is right around the corner! Our multihull sailboats are known in the industry for the best trailerable catamarans and trimarans. Here are 12 reasons why Corsair’s are the best:  1. Extraordinary speed and effortless acceleration are trademarks of Corsairs. Their ability to fly on a puff or generate their own high-power apparent wind is legendary. Without a lead keel to create drag, and with tangible buoyancy in construction technique and materials, Corsairs are... Read More »
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