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Race to Alaska

Guns go off June 8th at 5am

Race to Alaska attracts both kinds of people, those looking to win and those whose application is about proving to themselves and to the world that they can. They’re not climbing the mountain because it’s there, but because they want their mountain climb to make a statement. When the pollster comes to the door asking where Sistership stands, they slam the door in their face. “Aging Proud, Growing Bold (not old)”, they sail to point out that aging isn’t all about being the live-in babysitter for your kids or retiring the pencil skirt for the latest muumuu.

180 Marine

They sail because why the hell wouldn’t you while you can. And they are sailing again this year because when you find out last year’s sail raised almost $8000 in women and girl scholarships and was the inspiration for legions of others you can’t just drop the mike and go home. No matter how much you want to. Start with their boat. They studied the first race and procured the boat that pushed itself to the finish line more than any other- an F-27 Trimaran. What does the F stand for? F-ing fast. They then assembled the team of gritty adventurers whose collective resume starts with professional sailors, EMTs, Ski racers, ultra-marathon cyclists, Army Colonels and wraps up with a few transits: Oceans, Great Lakes, Panama Canal. After an exhaustive search, they recently signed on their fourth crew who had to be qualified, ready to rumble, willing to poop in a bucket, and had to be a badass and over 50, just like the rest of them.

Way to go!

Also... you might want to follow the all BAMA crewed entry Team "Ketch me if U can" from San Francisco, CA. Team Ketch Me if U Can is made up of two of the three who charged north last year as Team It Aint Brain Surgery. When we saw them on the dock in Ketchikan they were exhausted, their consciousness still visibly rattling around in their heads in the wide eyed disbelief of what they had just gone through.

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Corsair F27

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