Corsair 28RS Mano Express Neptune Regatta 2014

Neptune Regatta


Movie from team Manao Express a trimaran Corsair 28; video shot during the Neptune Regatta 2014.
Info on the race: 2014 Neptune Regatta 4th edition has been organized from Feb 2nd to 8th, 2014. The Neptune Regatta takes place in Indonesian waters, starting and returning to Nongsa Point Marina which located on Batam Island nearby Singapore. The regatta combines a series of windward/leeward and passage races, depending on class, with the "Race to Zero" being a race through the Riau Islands in Indonesia to the equator.

The regatta also takes participants on a voyage through virgin sailing waters of Indonesia's wild and beauty Riau Islands, volcanic peaks rising in the distance a multitude of tropical islands smaller in size and shapes that lead to the jump off point for the equator at Pulau Buaya (N 0 10'.5" & E 104 13'.5

Around 30 boats participated in this 4th edition, different classes.
As last year we register our Trimaran Corsair R28 Manao Express in the multihulls racing class, a total of 7 trimarans were on the race: 5 Corsair trimarans C37 ( Zhuka), C31 ( Try to fly), C28 ( Manao Express) and 2 Dash 750 ( Dash Boot and Kaze), one M23 (Phoenix) and the new RAW 30 (newly racing carbon trimaran).
Seven races have been organized during the week.

The leading racing multihulls were tied on points coming into the final showdown, some trimaran had experienced material incidents (mast lost, daggerboard or rudder broken... making the race more adventurous and the final score interesting).
Results were:
1- RAW 30
2- Manao Express (Corsair R 28)
3- Zhuka ( Corsair RC 37)
4- Kaze III (Corsair Dash 750)
5- Dash Boot (Corsair Dash 750 )
6- Try to Fly (Corsair R31)

Neptune Regatta

Neptune Regatta

Neptune Regatta

Watch this video, it's great!

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