Corsair 37 - The "Performance Trimaran" for serious sailors

The previous model Corsair 37 CR and other variants will be replaced with a trimaran designed to balance the needs of cruising and racing and having only 2 variants:  The Corsair 37 for cruising, and the Corsair 37RS which will be the carbon "race" version. The new 37 will appeal to families and couples alike.  Easy to sail and stable, the new model sports a radically upgraded interior in contemporary style which we can now share with you in the images below. Successful and reliable design features intrinsic to the success of Corsair, including the folding mechanism remain the same. And at Corsair we recognise that keeping a boat on land in valuable marina space can be costly.  So like her predecessors, the new 37 will fold remarkably easily. She has the potential to save thousands in berthing fees or marina land space by occupying the minimum of space while folded.  


The new model features an all-new interior design full of European styling; clean lines and crisp cool fabrics.  The forward cabin is calm and inviting, while mood lighting in the saloon radically changes the feel of this boat from sporty cruiser on the outside, to chill out down below.  








In this new, modernised interior the saloon table converts to comfortable sleeping space. And while in this arrangement navigating the saloon is still a breeze.  









Families and couples will benefit from a much improved galley where cleanup is a snap - featuring easy to clean surfaces and gelcoat mouldings with clutter-free storage.  The galley has a direct view over the water and in itself is a nice area to retreat from the elements outside.  









The new 37 features creature comforts developed for use on the far smaller Corsair 760. Smart use of space is part of the shipbuilding DNA at Corsair.

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