Corsair 760 trimaran wins "Multihull of the Year" 2018 award!

Corsair Marine International has just received news that they have won “Multihull of the Year” for the 760 in the under 40 foot class. These awards are not only an important message to help them promote their products and brand, but they truly are well deserved recognition of the high quality product that they are currently putting out in the market-place. This is a fantastic achievement and testament to a great design and top quality product!

Corsair Marine International 760 Trimaran

Modern French Design

The Corsair 760 offers better performance than any other high performance sport boat. Designed by Francois Perus and his team at Perus Yacht Design. The Corsair 760 is based on the long feedback list by current owners of its predecessor. In cruising mode, it is incredibly easy to sail, even single-handed. All sail controls lead back to the cockpit. The 760 sails with almost zero heeling, it slips through the water with a minimum of fuss and gets you to your destination quickly & safely.

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An historic event, because it’s YOU, readers, sailors, racers and above all, users of the nominated boats who have determined the winners…

At the beginning of December the list of nominees in each category was made public, and voting began on the dedicated website (

And of course, it’s going to be at the multihull show that the results are going to be announced.

Over 10,000 votes have been cast and here are the definitive results by category:

Under 40 feet:

1 - Corsair 760

2 - Aventura 34

3 - TF10


40 to 50 feet

1 - Lagoon 50

2 - Marsaudon TS5

3 - Mc Conaghy 50


Over 50 feet

1 - Neel 51

2 - Seawind 1600

3 - Rapido 60


Power Multihulls

1 - Aquila 36

2 - Lagoon SEVENTY 8

3 - Solarwave 64

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