Corsair Cruze 970 on the road

Question: Please let me know the exact height length and width when on the trailer. Weight as well.

Name: Gary Vasdev
Boat_Type: Cruze

Answer: Hi Gary, Thanks for your question regarding the Corsair Cruze 970!  Her height on a trailer is 11' 6", her length on trailer overall, including the mast is 40' 6".  Her width on trailer 8' 4", and her weight on trailer including trailer is approximately 5,000 lbs. fully rigged.

Her actual height and weight will vary due to different trailer manufacturers, motor manufacturers and different options etc...  The numbers that I have given you are based on the actual Cruze 970 that I have here at my office in Stuart, FL.  

Winter is fast approaching!!! Take advantage of our perfect sunny Florida weather and come see, touch and sail the New Cruze 970 here at Finish Line in Stuart, FL!!!  Demonstration sails are, as always, free, here at the Finish Line!!!!!!

Thanks, hope this answers your questions about trimarans for sale and hope to sail with you soon, 
Steve Marsh - Finish Line Of The Treasure Coast, Inc.

Above is a picture of our Cruze 970 being test-sailed for Boat of the Year at the Annapolis Boat Show this year.


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