Corsair Cruze 970 Trimaran: the cruiser of choice

The Corsair Cruze 970 has been an evolution to produce an affordable, safe and comfortable 32 foot cruising Trimaran combining features from the both the larger C37 and outdated C31 trimaran. On Deck One of the biggest and noticeable features is the increase in float volume approximately 20%, offering a  much safer and comfortable ride. The longer waterline and hull shape helps reduce any pitching motion and enables the Cruze to be sailed to her full potential to maximize performance. Taken... Read More »
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Sailing the Pulse 600 was just wicked fun!

  After a long anticipated wait, I was lucky enough to get out for a sail recently onboard the all new Corsair Pulse 600 trailer trimaran following its world launch at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Designed by Francois Perus of Perus Yacht Design, the Pulse 600 is designed as a simple, safe and exciting one design day sports boat made to easily store and trailer after sailing. Corsair has had a long history of building innovative sports trailer trimarans, with over 2,000 having been built and... Read More »
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Confessions of a Cruiser/Racer...

  2015 Corsair National Championship and Rendezvous - Confessions of a Cruiser/Racer As Reported by Deb Schaefer On Board the F-28, Big Storm Jim Frederick and I are Racers and Cruisers.  We purchased both of our Corsair Trimarans with this objective in mind.  We raced our First Corsair National Championship on our Corsair F-24 MK 1, Summer Storm way back in 1994(?) and every Corsair Nationals held in Florida after that until our last win on board our F-28, Big Storm in 2002.  We would spend... Read More »
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The 40th Annual Regatta Time in Abaco

    The 40th Annual Regatta Time In Abaco will be held between July 3 and July 10, 2015.  This events attracts hundreds of racers and has often been well attended by the trimaran fleet. The format is all about fun, with 4 races spread over 6 days, interspersed with legendary parties on the off days.  The races are “distance” races, with boats usually rounding 3 – 4 marks over courses of 8 – 12 miles.  This allows for some GREAT sailing on our boats, in flat water and nice breezes. Check out the... Read More »
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Overview of Fort McRee, Pirates Cove, Juana's Pagodas

What a perfect place to hold the 2015 Corsair Trimaran Nationals & Rendezvous! Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle and the county seat of Escambia County, Florida,United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 51,923.    Pensacola is a sea port on Pensacola Bay, which is protected by the barrier island of Santa Rosa and connects to the Gulf of Mexico. A large United States Naval Air Station, the first in the United States, is located southwest of... Read More »
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Thanks to all, for making this a great event!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in making this a great event! (An overheard online conversation...just had to share. Many comments coming to Don and Karlene, and to all their helpers!!) Hi Don,  I wanted to say thanks again, Tiffany and I had such a good time and learned so much it's blowing our minds, we can't stop talking about it. So thanks again! Mike Garam, Mentor, OH Blew Bayou, Sprint 750... Read More »
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2015 Corsair Nationals - High PHRF Class Report

Thank you Team SnowFox for reporting on the high PHRF class! This was absolutely an exciting start to the 3 days of racing ahead of us. As we headed out to the G 145 start line on a forecasted light to medium day we found ourselves bouncing in rolling white caps as we entered the start area. I saw then I had not dressed well for the morning as it was a little wetter and cooler than I thought it would be.  Start line was a mite skewed to the RC end making it almost a single point start, but we... Read More »
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"The 2015 Corsair Nationals was, simply, the best"

  (An overheard online conversation...just had to share) Hi Don— The 2015 Corsair Nationals was, simply, the best. We’ve been attending these events, and others like them, for 15 years and the organization and execution of this regatta far surpassed any we’ve experienced. The cruising venues were wonderful and the activities organized so the racers could easily participate – which meant that we were one fleet of trimaran sailors, not two. The racing was well-handled and somehow the weather... Read More »
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2015 Corsair Trimaran Nationals & Rendezvous - Race Results

Results by Boat Class (allowing for one throw-out) Corsair 24
  1. Jim Chambers, Snowfox
  2. Mike Parsons, Little Wing
Corsair F-27
  1. John Collins, Curb Service
  2. Steve Frick, Tritium
  3. David Dawson, Shearwater
Corsair 750
  1. Randy Smyth, Blew Bayou
  2. Bob Hodges, The Dark Side
  3. Larry Geller, Third Tri 2
Corsair 28
  1. Tom Reese, Flight Simulator
  2. John Novak, Overdo
  3. Jim Frederick/Deb Schaefer, Big Storm
Corsair 31/970
  1. Mike Patterson, Belafonte
  2. Bob Gleason, Tri Me
  3. Doug Casey, Tribology
Open Class
  1. Bruce Kuerten, Tercera
  2. Jim...
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New Question - Bottom Job

  What is the average cost of a bottom paint job for the F 28? Name: Lee Neal Boat_Type: F 28 Subject: bottom paint Read More »
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Corsair Fleet at Fort McRee Beach BBQ

  Something like 26 boats out of 35 or so assembled this afternoon on the beach at Fort McRee. I had forgotten what a pretty place it is. The weather is now perfect, warm but not too hot during the day. The boats sailing to Fort McRee from the Pensacola Yacht Club had a nice spinnaker run and screacher reach to the vicinity of Fort McRee before sailing upwind the last mile in gustier conditions with main and jib. Here are two shots of the fleet anchored, just before the gourmet barbeque was... Read More »
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Cruising Report from 2015 Corsair Nationals

Yesterday the Fun Fleet headed west on their interstate cruise from Florida to Alabama to experience the unique ambience at Pirates Cove. The sun even tried to peek out from behind the clouds a few times. But the rain is long gone. They were treated to an aerobatic display from the Blue Angels who are based here at the Naval Airstation and were in the air over Pensacola Bay practicing.   Today after a late breakfast the fleet will make their way east again to Fort McCree at the mouth of the... Read More »
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Corsair 2015 Rendezvous gets underway!

Saturday April 25, 2015--Early bird report Still 4 days to go before the 2015 Corsair Trimaran Rendezvous and Nationals officially starts, and 6 or 7 boats have been here in Pensacola for several days getting a head start on the fun. Above, three of the early arrivals (Corsair 31, 28 and 24)  waiting for the clouds to give way to blue skies before heading out. Luckily they didn't... because later in the day a bad squall blew through. A couple of Corsairs elsewhere in the area dragged anchor,... Read More »
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2015 Lake Erie Multihull Championship and Rendezvous, Put-in-Bay, OH July 31st to August 2nd on Lake Erie

Deepwater/Feeder Race - Thursday, July 30th Registration is Now Open!    Notice of Race is Posted! I-LYA Bay Week is one of the largest fresh-water events in the United States with boats hailing from all over the Great Lakes and Canada.  And this year, Lake Erie Multihull Championship and Rendezvous will be part of this Annual Event.  This event is open to All Corsair Trimarans and Offshore Multihulls.  We have all the necessary elements required to put on a great regatta.  We have the world's... Read More »
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2015 Corsair Nationals - Racing Update #3

Racing Update: 4-3-15 This week we have 22 boats registered from all over the country, at the moment we have more skippers registered from Austin, TX than from South Florida! So attendance is bound to build quickly this month with our regional owners, and we expect to reach 30-40 registrations soon.  Need crew??  Contact Don Wigston, he has a list of a dozen people anxious to fill out your "regular" crew, even if that is just you! READ DETAILS >> Crew Available for... Read More »
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Why join us at the 2015 Corsair Rendezvous?

Ask sailors who have traveled across the country to experience the Corsair Community at a recent Corsair Rendezvous and Nationals in San Francisco or Lake Erie: 2013 Corsair Rendezvous & Nationals - San Francisco, California 2014 Corsair Rendezvous & Nationals - Lake Erie, Put-In-Bay, Ohio Here’s why I’m going to the 20th Annual Event… 1. This year Corsair has an especially strong cruising agenda to take advantage of the great April weather in Pensacola, Florida! The Pensacola Yacht Club, and... Read More »
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Development Update #12 on the Pulse 600

Okay….It’s getting very close now! We have had the first Pulse 600 fully assembled in the yard for the last week and the boat is looking really nice. The boat is due to head out for testing this weekend and from there we will be sending out the next wave of pictures and video. The feedback gained through the updates and various forums has been fantastic and certainly it has been thrown into the mix when it comes to navigating through the final specification. Potential buyers, existing Corsair... Read More »
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Improving the Olympic youth development system for sailing in the United States

In an effort to dramatically improve the Olympic youth development system for sailing in the United States, US Sailing and the AmericaOne Foundation are excited to announce a historic new initiative: Project Pipeline. To give the effort the strong start it needs, the AmericaOne Foundation will support Project Pipeline with a lead gift of $5 million. “The top winning nations in sailing share the common trait of a well-formed talent development system,” said Josh Adams, Managing Director of... Read More »
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Cruze 970 nominated for European Yacht of the Year award

The new Cruze 970 is an exciting new model with great sailing pedigree and packed with fantastic new features as the latest model from the design team at Corsair Marine. Prior to the development of the 32ft Cruze 970, over 300 of the award winning C31s were delivered to owners all around the world making this model one of the most successful trimarans in the world. The C31 was chosen for its great sailing qualities & rugged construction for a number of epic adventures in the Arctic. However most... Read More »
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2015 Corsair Rendezvous & Nationals Update #1

  NATIONALS INTRO  I  RESOURCES  I  ATTENDEES  I  RENDEZVOUS INFO  I  ONLINE REGISTRATION_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Planning is moving ahead for the 2015 Corsair Rendezvous & Nationals, which will be held April 28 - May 3, 2015. The organizing committee is in the process of finalizing the details for the rendezvous and racing and are currently working on making the necessary arrangements for the festivities! Below is a list... Read More »
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