Corsair Performance Upgrades

Recently the R&D team have developed a range of high performance upgrades to turn your MKII Sprint or Dash into an ultimate racer. You may have seen these items on the Sprint MKII "Bullet" or on Martin Moller’s Dash MKII mentioned previously. 

The ultimate racing package includes:

  • Carbon fiber high aspect rudder
  • Carbon fiber rudder case
  • Carbon reinforced composite daggerboard
  • Carbon fiber roller furling boom
  • Carbon fiber bowsprit
  • Racing laminate sails
  • Dual tiller extensions
  • 8:1 mainsheet purchase system
  • Spectra sheets and halyards upgrade

All of these parts can also be individually ordered as upgrades to your existing 750. Contact us at for more info.

Comments for Corsair Performance Upgrades

Name: Fred Marl
Time: Monday, November 30, 2015

Will these upgrades also fit a 750 Sprint MKl ?

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