Corsair Pulse 600 racing in the Three Bridge Fiasco

Looks like there's going to be a let-up in the stormy and rainy conditions that have prevailed over the last several weeks. The forecast for Saturday is sunny. Fingers crossed...

Richard Allen and Ross Stein will be will be racing the new Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran. To make sure that anyone interested in the Pulse 600 trimaran has a local touchpoint, we’ve created Pulse Performance Centers. If you'd like to see the Pulse up-close we will be sailing out of Treasure Island.

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Richard is the U.S. Pulse 600 Fleet Conquistador. Contact him for a demo sail near you!

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There are 272 boats registered so far, and that total should go up considerably by the registration deadline on Wednesday night.  For multihulls, currently seeing 16 doublehanders and just 1 singlehander. The fleet registered so far includes four F27s, three F31s, three F24/Sprint, three Dragonfly boats of various lengths, plus an assortment of other boats. Hoping to see even more multihulls out there for the race!  Let's get as big a multihull fleet in the race as possible! Registration closes Wednesday the 25th.

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