Tuning a Corsair 28

  There are two areas that should be tuned if you are interested in racing.  The first is the rig.  The rotating mast boats are much easier to tune than the fixed masts on either the 27 or the 31.  The first thing I would do is check the diamond wires to be sure that the mast is straight and there is enough tension to prevent inversion.  With a Loos tension guage I would set the tension at 1800lbs or maybe 2000lbs.  The second setting to check is the mast rake.  Mast rake is dictated by the... Read More »
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Corsair Replacement Parts

Need to replace something on your Corsair? Save yourself time and call your Corsair Marine dealer who can provide you with any replacement part for all current Corsair trimarans. Winter is a good time to carefully inspect your boat for broken, aged, or damaged equipment. One area of neglect that we often see on customer’s boats is the running rigging. Halyards and sheets don’t last forever. Sheets and halyards become stiff with embedded salt and degraded by UV. Your Corsair will be much more... Read More »
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La Vida Starships offers Full Service on Corsair Trimarans

In the last 20 years we have repaired or replaced just about everything that can be broken on a Corsair trimaran, however the one fact that we are constantly being reminded of is the strength and quality built into these Corsair trimarans. We can apply bottom paint, rerig or replace a mast, repair a damaged daggerboard or rudder, replace halyards or sheets, consult on choices for sails or outboard motors, or apply custom graphics. All of these services give the customer more time on the water. ... Read More »
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New Corsair Trimaran Sailing Manual

Question: When is the long anticipated new sailing manual going to be available? Name: Dana Stoffregen Boat_Type: C28R Answer: Great Question, Dana! There have been so many improvements and additions in the Corsair model line, this new manual is highly anticipated. It will be published in mid-November 2013 covering all of our multihull sailboats, and it will have new photos of the latest models of Corsair trimarans for sale. We will send an email notice to everyone on our mailing list, so... Read More »
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About Spade High Performance Anchors

The Multihull Source is the exclusive Spade Anchor dealer for Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Spade Anchors, we believe, are the best all around anchors in the world!!!  Spade Anchors are safe, easy to use, and are available in sizes to fit any boat.
  • It doesn’t require the use of any special mooring line, or anchoring technique
  • It can be used with a low rope-length to depth ratio
  • It is painted bright yellow so you can visually check how well it’s dug in
  • It is self-launching and self-retrieving
  • It...
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Synthetic Standing Rigging?

Question: Is synthetic standing rigging a good choice for my Corsair 31? What are the pros and cons? Name: Hunter Powell Boat: Corsair 31 Answer: Hi Hunter, I'm not certain about the C-31, but I upgraded from stainless to Colligo Dux in 2011 on my Corsair 24 for the shrouds and forestay and have been very happy.  Pros include much easier to put the rig up and down without kinking, reduces weight aloft, and we replaced all the wire in the bow of the boat...MUCH easier to fold the pole and the... Read More »
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Finding a Dealer Near You!

Corsair is known globally as the most popular trailerable sailing trimarans since 1985. From the Unites States to Europe, Australia, Asia and South America, our boats are the best in their class. If you are looking for a Corsair trimaran for sale, please find a dealer to discuss your decision. Our dealers can talk to you about multihull sailboats and see which Corsair for sale is best for you! Find a Dealer near you today, and you are one step away from your next big adventure! Feel free to... Read More »
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