Corsair Replacement Parts

Need to replace something on your Corsair? Save yourself time and call your Corsair Marine dealer who can provide you with any replacement part for all current Corsair trimarans.

Winter is a good time to carefully inspect your boat for broken, aged, or damaged equipment. One area of neglect that we often see on customer’s boats is the running rigging. Halyards and sheets don’t last forever. Sheets and halyards become stiff with embedded salt and degraded by UV. Your Corsair will be much more enjoyable to sail if you replace your running rigging over time. In many cases control lines and halyards can be downsized by using higher tech materials, thereby saving weight AND improving performance. Stock rigging systems can also be customized to achieve better control (see photo of 10:1 mainsheet on a Sprint created by adding two extra blocks--the standard system is 6:1).

A particularly important item of rigging that is often overlooked is the trailer winch line. This line typically does double duty and is called on for raising the mast. Risking your expensive mast with an old, worn, and sun damaged piece of line makes no sense when it costs less than $50 to replace the line but thousands of dollars to replace the mast. Your Corsair dealer can provide you with appropriate replacement rigging for your boat based on your type of usage (e.g. racing/cruising/daysailing) and your budget.

This is just one category of boat maintenance that your Corsair dealer can help you with. Don’t waste hours trying to reinvent the wheel, call someone who knows what you need.

Find a Corsair dealer near you today that can help you find the best replacement parts for your Corsair trimaran!

Comments for Corsair Replacement Parts

Name: Bob Dyck
Time: Saturday, March 8, 2014

Would you please let me know the cost of a bow pulpit for my Dash 750 landed in Vancouver BC Canada

Name: Richard Allen
Time: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Local dealers advise that the best option is to contact a local fabricator who can match the pulpit to existing mounting locations and limit shipping cost. It's not cost effective to ship a pre-fabricated pulpit, it's been done from San Francisco to Hawaii and cost was shocking.

Name: Marc Hagerman
Time: Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I have 1999 F24-MkII (coming up on 16th summer of great lake sailing) with original shrouds and forestay. The doesn't appear to be any "wear", but am wondering if I should replaced just due to age, and use. Thanks
Marc Hagerman

Name: Patrick Duggan
Time: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I own a F28R hull #25. The hinges for the hatch for the bow anchor well have broken. Do you still have these hinges?

Name: Shane Grover
Time: Thursday, July 23, 2015

Replacing your 15 year old shrouds is certanly going to decrease the risk of failure, at least for peace of mind. I would reccomend they be replaced. For replacement parts wether it be shrouds, hinges, hatches etc... contact your local dealer or and our service team will take care of your request.

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