Corsair Sailing Event Review: The 2014 San Diego NOODs

There are many sailing groups out there talking about the San Diego NOODs this past weekend. We found this great post by Peter Lucas on the Ian Farrier F-boat Trimarans Yahoo Group and think it's worth re-posting to our Corsair Owner's Community. Thanks for sharing your post with us Peter and we are glad you had such a great time at the 2014 NOODs. Be sure to check out the video below covering the event!

Farrier/Corsair trimarans made an appearance at the San Diego NOOD this past weekend.

Five boats raced, four 750’s and one F-28R. Gary Helms brought his boat “Fresh Blood” from San Francisco. Joe D'elia brought his boat “Last Tri” from Oceanside. Bob Eschwege was on “MOJO”. “For Sale” was expertly sailed by Mat Bryant and crew. And Bob Lang’s “Rush Hour” was beautifully sailed by Ben Nitsche and crew.

It was a warm and windy (18- 22K) two days of racing. The tris raced out in the ocean with the bigger monohulls. The boats sailed beautifully, and easily handled the conditions. The  40ft Beneteau's and J120's  started 10 minutes before the tris in 4 mile races. All of the tris caught and passed the bigger boats. The 5th race decided the winner of the regatta: “Rush Hour” won by 2 seconds on corrected time, beating “For Sale”. The racing between “Rush Hour” and “For Sale” was very competitive. Both boats had experienced crews making for fast, fun racing.
Some video clips are here. Sorry for the motion. It was the best that I could do.
Peter Lucas
F/C 31 UC #225 "Flexible Flyer"
San Diego

Watch Peter's video below or click following link to view it on YouTube >>

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