Pre-owned trimarans need some love too!

Why Corsair Trimaran?
  • They’re Fast
  • They’re Safe
  • They’re Exciting
  • They’re Trailerable
  • Versatile, Fun and Stable
  • They deliver speed on a puff of wind
  • Their shallow draft allows you to coast directly up onto any beach
  • There’s lots of space for family & crew on the large trampolines
  • The wide beams provide a flat stable platform under sail
  • It’s a great base for family fun when at anchor
  • It’s quick and easy from trailer to sailor
Here are some fine pre-owned Corsair trimaran listings! 2012 Corsair 37 - $200,000​... Read More »
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San Francisco Bay- BBYC Friday Racing

  2017-09-22 BBYC Friday Race from Rafi Yahalom on Vimeo. Life doesn't get much better than this!   Read More »
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The Corsair 760 takes 1st at Kiel Week multihull race

The  Kiel Week regatta in Kiel, Germany is a huge special and the biggest sailing event in the world.Multihull's from all over Europe are invited to take part in the Welcome Race, kicking off the regatta.  This year a number of Dragonfly trimarans joined the multihull's along with the new Corsair 760 . Just five minutes before the ORC classes the Multihulls were off on their course.  The distance race from Kiel to Eckernfoerde covered 27 miles enjoyed good winds of 18+kts testing the boats on... Read More »
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Fun at the Neptune Regatta

With five wins in a row Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray's Corsair 750 Kaze successfully takes the win for the Multihull division of the 2017 Neptune Regatta. Multihull enthusiast and Corsair Dealer, Alice Lim finishes in third on her Corsair 750 DebDash. For the Singaporean sailors this regatta offers a fun and thoroughly entertaining adventure to see in the Chinese new year. The Regatta takes sailors through an ocean of thousands of beautiful Indonesian islands at one of the worlds most... Read More »
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Corsair Nationals - the order of play

Here is the order of play for the Corsair Nationals hosted by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  Thanks to beer sponsorships from Corsair dealer Windcraft Boats, Calvert Sails, and the hosting Corsair dealer, Finish Line of the Treasure Coast this event won't lack for refreshment (after the racing of course).  Live music, auctions, prize draws, and dinners mean this will be a fun filled event!  Remember that the whole family is welcome, and with 26 boats already registered, you're sure to make new... Read More »
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Corsair 760 #1 on her way to Dusseldorf. And a special offer!

  Yesterday the very first Corsair 760 was completed and left our shipyard.  We are extremely excited to share these sneak peek pictures of Corsair 760 number 1!  She will have a striking green and chrome wrap, which you can see for yourself at the Dusseldorf Boat Show 2017.   And here is a special offer for those of you closely following developments at Corsair Marine.  To kick off the launch of the Corsair 760, our Marketing team has invested in 5 sets of Carbon Fibre Bowsprit upgrade packs.  ... Read More »
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2017 Corsair Nationals Update - Registration Prize Draw Approaching!

Get in early and win: There are just 5 days left to qualify as an early registrant for the the 2017 Corsair Nationals, hosted by Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  Any entries received on or before November 7th, 2016 will be entered into a fantastic price draw to win a set of new Colligo Marine shrouds worth up to $1600.  That applies to any model of Corsair - anyone with a boat can win.   There are now 20 boats registered for the Nationals, with expressions of interest from 10 more.  But get in before... Read More »
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Update: 2017 Corsair Nationals - Registration Prize Draw and Sponsors Announced

  The 2017 Corsair Nationals, hosted by Sarasota Sailing Squadron have announced new sponsors, and a great opportunity to win some fantastic equipment from Colligo Marine. Entries received on or before November 7th, 2016 will be entered into a fantastic price draw to win a set of new Colligo Marine shrouds worth up to $1600.  That applies to any model of Corsair - anyone can win.   We now have 11 boats registered for the Nationals, with expressions of interest from 3 more.  So this is a great... Read More »
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2017 Corsair Nationals

Notice of Race January 27 – 29, 2017 Organizing Authority:  Sarasota Sailing Squadron (SSS) 1.       Rules This regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). 2.       Eligibility and Entry 2.1 The regatta is open to all multihull sailboats holding a valid One-design, Class, Portsmouth or West Florida PHRF rating. 2.2 A minimum of 5 boats makes a class. 2.3 Expected: Corsair Pulse, 750, 28, 31, Farrier, Stilletto, Formula, and a variety of other multihulls. 2.4  The organizing... Read More »
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Special price promotion on Sprint 750's until end of December 2016

  Following up on our last posting, here is more information on the special offer on Sprint 750's until the end of 2016... A special price of US $54,000 will be on offer until the end of December 2016, on any of the 5 Sprint 750's we have in the production cycle.  That represents a saving of over 15% on the original, and still the best trimaran for sale in this size.  Why?  The Sprint 750 is both a great coastal cruising family boat, and a racing weapon.  So whether you are thinking of a Sprint... Read More »
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Western Circuit Regatta Results and Special Pricing on Sprint 750's

Congratulations to Deborah Barker and her crew on Deb's Dash on winning the Western Circuit Sailing Regatta trimaran class in Singapore.  They did it in some style, never scoring worse than 2nd place in all 9 races!  Scott McCook and Foreign Talent managed the same feat - taking 4 bullets and 3 x 2nd places, but a damaged sail wrote off 2 races and Deb's Dash had left them no room for error.   While not limited to Corsairs, the fleet did contain a total of 5 Dash 750's or Sprint 750's - the... Read More »
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Regatta excitement and a chance to replace your boat!

 We've been keeping an eye on the Western Circuit Sailing Regatta in Singapore - and in particular our friend Scott McCook, with his Corsair Sprint 750 Foreign Talent among an exciting trimaran fleet. They have had 2 days of sailing out of Raffles Marina, with McCook's & co's Foreign Talent leading the field after day 1.  Bad luck though, the race report tells us they have suffered a torn spinnaker and had to sit out two races on day 2.  Another 750 has taken advantage and Deborah Barker's Deb... Read More »
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Fun with Tris!

  Fun with Tris!    Sailing multihulls for me has been a very enjoyable experience! I guess in my old age I have gotten impatient. Time these days seems to be at a premium to everybody. So when I have a chance to take the boat out I need to get the most bang for my buck, time wise. With my Dash 750 I can have twice the amount of fun in half the time. Meaning I can sail farther and cover more distance in a shorter amount of time. This is especially important when you are trying to go on a long... Read More »
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Corsair Performance Upgrades

Recently the R&D team have developed a range of high performance upgrades to turn your MKII Sprint or Dash into an ultimate racer. You may have seen these items on the Sprint MKII "Bullet" or on Martin Moller’s Dash MKII mentioned previously.  The ultimate racing package includes: Read More »
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2015 Cherry Pie Regatta Registration is Open!

Mark your calendar February 6 - 8,  2015 Corsair Marine will be sponsoring this event along-side Finish Line and Calvert Sails REGISTER today >>   Read More »
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"Sprinter" the 1st Sprint 750

"Sprinter" is the very first Sprint 750 to ever race. She made her debut in the competitive waters of Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Australia in September 2005. It was a special moment for Corsair, as the Sprint and the plug was originally designed in Brisbane.  See more images of the Corsair Sprint! Sprint Gallery >> Read more about the Sprint >>   Read More »
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Roller Reefing

Question: With the standard Sprint Mk1 setup, the end of the rotation arm extends past the deck padeye which I assume is there to connect the rotation arm to the deck after having rolled the sail around the boom for reefing? I could connect the rotation adjustment system further back so it is more vertical above the padeye but my question is will this create undesirable forces pulling the rotation lever hard against the back of the mast? What do others do to solve this? See attached image... Read More »
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Efficient and powerful rotating mast control on a Corsair

The correct rotation of a rotating mast will give a much more efficient and powerful mainsail. It is thus important that the rig not be set up too tight as this can prevent full rotation. There are many opinions on what the correct amount of rotation should be but a general guideline is to keep the mast rotated enough to give a smooth, even, transition from the mast to the mainsail on the leeward side. Achieving the right amount of rotation will improve your speed and mainsail shape by... Read More »
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Our Sailing Adventure at the 2014 Corsair Nationals!

Photo above provided by Kathryn Garlick. We arrived in Port Clinton late Wednesday afternoon with my Sprint 750 after a rather eventful trip. Sometimes the hardest challenge of sailboat racing is just getting the boat to the starting line! We rigged and launched the boat and took a pleasant cruise down the Portage River to the Port Clinton Yacht Club,  just in time for the skippers meeting and Corsair welcome party and to make final preparations for the race to Put-In-Bay the next morning. Light ... Read More »
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30 Year Timeline of Corsair Marine

1984 - Corsair Marine was established through a partnership between John Walton (son of Sam Walton, Founder of Wal Mart) who offered to finance the production of the uniquely designed F boat and Ian Farrier, the designer who patented and built the original prototype in Australia back in 1974. With the production facility located in San Diego, California together they produced and marketed the world's first trailerable and very fast, trimarans. This initial partnership thus set the stage for a... Read More »
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