Three hulls, four legs: trimaran sailing with pets

  Last week as I was motoring through the waterways around Stockholm having just wrapped up the Stockholm in water boat show. I came across the Cruze 970 YOLO, Bosse and his wife were motoring out into the bay to do some sailing while the weather was still warm. YOLO is a fantastic Cruze 970, it's always great to see her out on the water but what was really fantastic to see was that they had their furry, four legged friend on board. I caught up with Bosse later that day and learned that he takes... Read More »
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Thanks to all, for making this a great event!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in making this a great event! (An overheard online conversation...just had to share. Many comments coming to Don and Karlene, and to all their helpers!!) Hi Don,  I wanted to say thanks again, Tiffany and I had such a good time and learned so much it's blowing our minds, we can't stop talking about it. So thanks again! Mike Garam, Mentor, OH Blew Bayou, Sprint 750... Read More »
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Corsair Fleet at Fort McRee Beach BBQ

  Something like 26 boats out of 35 or so assembled this afternoon on the beach at Fort McRee. I had forgotten what a pretty place it is. The weather is now perfect, warm but not too hot during the day. The boats sailing to Fort McRee from the Pensacola Yacht Club had a nice spinnaker run and screacher reach to the vicinity of Fort McRee before sailing upwind the last mile in gustier conditions with main and jib. Here are two shots of the fleet anchored, just before the gourmet barbeque was... Read More »
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Corsair 2015 Rendezvous gets underway!

Saturday April 25, 2015--Early bird report Still 4 days to go before the 2015 Corsair Trimaran Rendezvous and Nationals officially starts, and 6 or 7 boats have been here in Pensacola for several days getting a head start on the fun. Above, three of the early arrivals (Corsair 31, 28 and 24)  waiting for the clouds to give way to blue skies before heading out. Luckily they didn't... because later in the day a bad squall blew through. A couple of Corsairs elsewhere in the area dragged anchor,... Read More »
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2015 Corsair Nationals - Racing Update #3

Racing Update: 4-3-15 This week we have 22 boats registered from all over the country, at the moment we have more skippers registered from Austin, TX than from South Florida! So attendance is bound to build quickly this month with our regional owners, and we expect to reach 30-40 registrations soon.  Need crew??  Contact Don Wigston, he has a list of a dozen people anxious to fill out your "regular" crew, even if that is just you! READ DETAILS >> Crew Available for... Read More »
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Why join us at the 2015 Corsair Rendezvous?

Ask sailors who have traveled across the country to experience the Corsair Community at a recent Corsair Rendezvous and Nationals in San Francisco or Lake Erie: 2013 Corsair Rendezvous & Nationals - San Francisco, California 2014 Corsair Rendezvous & Nationals - Lake Erie, Put-In-Bay, Ohio Here’s why I’m going to the 20th Annual Event… 1. This year Corsair has an especially strong cruising agenda to take advantage of the great April weather in Pensacola, Florida! The Pensacola Yacht Club, and... Read More »
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2015 Corsair Rendezvous & Nationals

  NATIONALS INTRO  I  RESOURCES  I  ATTENDEES  I  RENDEZVOUS INFO  I  ONLINE REGISTRATION____________________________________________________________________________________________ We will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the very first Corsair Nationals which was held in Pensacola in 1994, setting the precedent for several great events to follow. Our goal is to make this an event that caters equally to both racers and recreational sailors by upping the fun factor and adding... Read More »
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PACIFIC Cup Race Starts July 6th!

Known as "The Fun Race to Hawaii", NO MULTIHULL HAS EVER COMPLETED THE PACIFIC CUP, but these guys are going to try! If Transit of Venus is successful, it will be a first….  With luck, in a couple months we will be able to announce:  “A Corsair is the first multihull ever to finish this 2000nm race”. San Francisco based Corsair 37 “Transit of Venus” is attempting to be the first multihull (ever) to finish the Pacific Cup Race from San Francisco to Hawaii this July. Owner Rick Waltonsmith... Read More »
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Plan your next adventure, sailing in the San Juan Islands

There are 172 named islands and reefs to explore. The Corsair Cruze 970 would be a perfect boat to trailer up to the Pacific Northwest. As always, Corsair’s exclusive and trusted folding system ensures that trailering remains easy. The retractable daggerboard and rudder continue to enable the boat to be pushed up onto the beach when enjoying cruising adventures with family and guests. In terms of sailing performance, the floats have been redesigned and increase buoyancy has been added to give... Read More »
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Cruising Through Cruising Guides - Part 1

Lately, I have been searching through various cruising blogs and websites and have come up with quite the collection of great resources for planning my next sailing adventure! I will try to add on to the “Cruising Through Cruising Guides” series over time to offer you with the best (in my mind) resources for planning a sailing trip. I will start my recommendations for planning sailing trips with The Online Cruising Guide. This is a unique website in the way you navigate to explore different... Read More »
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