DASH MKII, 12 months on.

Hello Corsair,

Last spring it was a special feeling to me when the first pictures of the new Corsair Dash 750 MKII were published, because I knew it would soon be MY boat. She was on her way to the “boot” exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany. After the exhibition I would take her home to the Baltic in Northern Germany by trailer. Of course I had to see her right at her arrival in Germany, so I was there when she arrived at the exhibition ground. The pictures had shown much of the new details, however, it was a most impressive sight when we unpacked and rigged her.

There was one main advantage which I expected – flexibility. Until recently I had been an owner of a 2008 model of the 31UC. However, during the last couple of years, we mostly trailered her the few miles either out of the winter storage or back into it again. Long distance road travel we felt as a challenge. What a change when we took the Dash 750 Mk II back from Dusseldorf to our place. It cannot be said that we “forgot” that the trailer was behind us, however, we managed an average speed of 85 km/h (nearly 55mph) in dense traffic during the 5 ½ hour trip back home.

We had a late start of the season due to persistently cold weather. This also impacted the necessary preparation work like antifouling to the hulls. I bought an 8 hp outboard with electric starter and mounted a small flexible solar panel on the roof top. In late April we were on the water for the first trials. It felt good from the first moment.

From early May to late September we have a series of Wednesday evening races with some 30 to 50 entrants from our area. Monohull owners like to comfort themselves with the thought that what you lose against multihulls on leeward, you win back on windward courses - not necessarily against the Dash! Also the leeward performance gave a nice surprise. Our previous UC31 was conservatively rigged with a 67 sqmgennaker, such that in comparison the North 55 sqm on the Dash gave us a very nice extra pull or alternatively more depth towards the leeward marker. Great!

During the season we have participated in some 20 races and enjoyed most of them. Several times we experienced force 5 to 6 with up to force 7 to 8 gusts, everything worked well and it felt always safe. It must be said that the waters around us are coastal and we are sheltered from too harsh wave action. In summary, I can only give many compliments for the overall performance.

It would not be fair to leave the vast improvements inside the cabin without a comment. Personally I had always accepted the “mouse skin” carpet(visitors’ comment) as the most efficient measure to soundproof the hull. The new gleaming white cabin gives an extra roomy feeling beside being very practical with respect to keeping the surfaces dry and clean.

Thank you Corsair Marine!

Name: Jurgen Z

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