December is a dumb time to buy a boat in the U.S.


180 Marine - San Diego Bay

Unless you want the best prices of the year.
Or unless you want to be sailing someplace warm this month.
Or unless you're sure, that your not sure, about what to sail now.

Call us…


We’re offering special delivery packages, at the year's best prices. You could take delivery in Southern California, or Florida…so no matter where you live you can enjoy some great sailing in December and January if you act now.


This offer is limited to just three Pulse 600s in inventory, two are in California, and one is soon to be shipped to the U.S.




1. #40 Red/Red // Southern California >>


2. #49 Gray/Red // San Francisco >>


3. #55 2017 Pulse 600 >>  

(180 Marine will pay $4,000 or more towards your delivery or option costs. You can choose all your options and available boat colors.)


180 Marine - Pulse 600


1. Corsair Pulse 600 Reaching at GBRW 2016 >>

2. Corsair Pulse 600 Upwind at GBRW 2016 >>

3. Corsair Pulse 600 Running at GBRW 2016 >>

4. Family and Adventure Sailing >>

5. Pulse 600 Introduction >>


These few Pulse 600s will sell out, as they have all year. We’ve checked with dealers across the U.S. and inventory is zero or near zero on the Pulse 600 as we gear up for a fantastic year in 2017.

- Corsair Nationals is being held in January in Sarasota, Florida.

- We expect a fleet at Sailing World NOODS in San Diego in March.

- There is a 5-boat One Design Fleet in HOUSTON for the first time in many years...

Whether you are an adventure sailor or a racer, the Pulse design is remarkably versatile, so you don’t really need to choose one or the other…by going “all in” with another trimaran that is too complicated or too slow.

That’s why I own one. That’s why Pulse 600 fleets are growing faster than any other Corsair model in more than 15 years. That’s saying something.

Ask me more!

      Richard Allen, Corsair Marine Dealer

      Phone: 303.669.6210

      or Email:

180 Marine




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