Demo a new Cruze 970 coming into Long Beach, California

The Cruz 970 is an amazing boat. Did you know prior to the development of the 32ft Cruze 970, over 300 C31s were delivered to owners all around the world making this model one of the most successful trimarans in the world. The C31 was chosen for its great sailing qualities & rugged construction for a number of epic adventures in the Arctic including an incredible voyage through the notorious North West and East-West Passages in a single season. However, most were used for cruising and racing.

The Cruze 970 is the choice boat for TEAM WRIGHT in the Race to Alaska.

Cruze 970

Cruze 970

The Cinquecento 2018 was as thrilling as last year, reported by Astrid Zauner. And the Cruze 970 was the perfect boat for this event!

Cruze 970

Cruze 970

There are many ways to enjoy a Cruze 970!

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Cruze 970

New Modern Interior

Demo a new Corsair Cruze 970 coming into Long Beach, California, starting September 2018

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