Development Update #1 on the Pulse 600

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Development of the Pulse 600 is progressing really well. We now have the hull mould 100% complete with the first hull part inside. We also have the beam moulds complete with the first set of beams just about to be joined. We are currently working on the deck plug within the hull mould on which we will then make the female deck mould.

In this update we look at making the float plug & mould:



First, the float mould is shaped using CNC cut frames. Machine cutting the frames directly from the 3D model gives little margin for error/variation to the final float shape (and ultimately the boats performance). Once the frames were positioned, a series of battens are then put in place and filled to give the overall shape. This is then sanded to give the smooth finish (as seen in the image to the left) using a combination of powered and hand sanding tools (hard work…). 





Once faired or sanded (as seen in image to the left), the float plug is then sprayed with a two pack primer and topcoat and then worked up to a mirror finish (as seen in image below). This is a critical stage as it dictates the quality of the future parts that will come out of the mould so a lot of fine details work goes in at this stage.




The final stage is to add a flange to the centerline of the float plug as the float is to be constructed using two halves which are then joined once demoulded. The image shows the green tooling gelcoat being sprayed onto the float plug (as seen in image below) which will then have a series of fiberglass and core materials applied to it in order to make a strong mould capable of multiple parts being made. Once this laminate is complete, a framework will be glassed onto the mould allowing it to be demoulded. From there we have half the float mould work done! The float plug will be flipped and then the process repeated to give the other half.


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Comments for Development Update #1 on the Pulse 600

Name: Henri
Time: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nice job, go on !
I would like to test the first prototype on sea when i go to VN in Spring !

Name: hans millenaar
Time: Monday, October 20, 2014

Can the pulse be folded without loosening the shrouds?

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