"Easy to sail, and crazy fast!"

The Corsair F31 trimaran is so easy to sail and it's crazy fast compared to a monohull! The F31 trimaran can also be dialed back to be grandmother friendly. 

2003 Corsair F31 Ultimate Cruiser
Located in San Diego, CA

Corsair F31


Check out the video below, it was shot in San Francisco Bay in 2014. These guys are having a blast!

Experience the Corsair F31 in this article written in 2005 by John Burnham from Sailing World.

The F-31R: It's Not All About Speed
A cruising trimaran with remarkable turn of speed by Ian Farrier and Corsair Marine.

Thirteen years ago on San Diego harbor, my wife and I tried out the breakthrough F-27 trimaran, designed by Ian Farrier and built by Corsair Marine. Its well-engineered folding mechanism and other trailering systems seemed remarkable then, and the boat's performance in light air was smooth and quick. Fast forward to the summer of 2000: my wife, three daughters, and I are sailing a 31-foot version of that original in an 18-knot westerly on Buzzards Bay. We've left behind a quiet afternoon spent three boatlengths off an island beach, and now our sunning platform is rocketing upwind at 12 knots. I'm sitting out on the ama holding a 10-foot carbon tiller extension and clearing every wavetop with a big grin on my face. Rachel and the two older girls are in the cockpit. I peek down the hatch at one point, with the boat blasting through the waves, and catch the unforgettable sight of my youngest, Sophie, perched on the weather settee with her feet lightly braced against the carpeted daggerboard trunk-reading a book. It's hard not to dwell on the extraordinary performance of the F-31 we sailed during a five-day cruise. From the foam-cored, vacuum-bagged hulls to the hardware and rotating aluminum spar, the boat seemed well built and rigged for speed. But the truth is we had only one high-speed day and never sailed the boat to its potential. Nonetheless, we discovered other benefits to sailing a quick boat.  Read entire article >>

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