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These guys caught my attention about how passionate they are about getting out on their Corsair Trimaran 31, (Extravagant Gesture) and the beautiful photography they captured along the way. Here is a short recap of one of George Pare's and Sandie Allen's adventure from Waquoit Bay to Sakonnet Point.

Sandie and I just wrapped up our first year aboard Extravagant Gesture. We capped it off with a truly stellar adventure followed by our first haul out. We never imagined we would do so much and realize so many dreams in our first year afloat. We managed to enjoy every moment onboard without having to work on the boat, which is exactly how we planned it. We will be making more modifications this winter and will hopefully be back in the water soon!

Our cold weather trip from Waquoit Bay to Sakonnet Point, by way of Cuttyhunk, was so inspiring that it made us want to do more coastal winter exploration. It is amazing to be the only ones out there, both at sea and on the islands.

We learn so much from every trip. This time we started by sweeping snow off of the decks while the sun began to rise. The temperature was somewhere in the mid twenties and the thermos of kale soup our dear friend sent us off with was exactly what we needed when we anchored at Cuttyhunk.

We expected to motor the whole way and were pleasantly surprised by perfect wind! We made it to Cuttyhunk in four hours in the lee of the Elizabethan Islands. our speed was mostly in the low to mid teens reaching an awesome 16 knots a couple of times. We are amazed at how smooth and stable the Corsair sails; even when really moving along.

It was amazing to arrive at our destination for the night so early in the day after about four hours of sailing. We were settled at about 1:00 and we were ready to explore the island. After a great time on shore we played games and drank tea, cozy by the heater, followed by a much needed night of deep sleep.

We started the next morning with a two hour motor sail to Sakonnet Point arriving at 9:30 am. We appreciated every second of beauty the whole way. There is nothing like arriving at your familiar port of call with snow and quiet beauty all around.

Sunday was a full day of logistics to get my truck from the shop, fold up our float hulls, get Extravagant Gesture secure on the trailer, and home by 7:30. As good as it is to have her home to work on, there is a part of us that just wants to keep sailing to destinations unknown. Stay tuned; someday we will be ready and we will not be able to resist!

Thank you all for being a part of our journey. Your support, and inspiration means the world to us. We will do our best to pass it on!

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