Father & Son Sweden Sailing Adventure!

This story comes from our Corsair Swedish dealer, Ulrich Lindberg. A father and son requested to rent a Corsair Dash MkI from him for a four day summer father/son trip in Sweden. Here is their story along with some great photos (photo and story credit to Kjell Åström). You can view on their full trip album on their Google Plus Photo Album: 2014-09 Corsair-segling med Petter >>

Corsair Dealer Ulrich reports more on this story, "I had a request from a Father and son to rent a Corsair for four days, and I managed to find a boat for them. Living onboard and handling the boat without the expert onboard gave them more hands on experience than just a few hours of test sailing.  They were really happy with the boat (despite that they were not given instructions on how to lead the spinnaker sheets as you will see). Their trip resulted in some nice pics including the Swedish way of mooring a small trimaran."

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Kjell and Petter! Looks like a great adventure!

View their full photo album on Google Plus now >>

View their full photo album on Google Plus now >>

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