The Inside Track on the New Corsair 970 SPORT

The New Corsair 970 SPORT has arrived, and she boasts some impressive numbers.  Here's the inside-track on how we made a fast boat even faster.     A Master Chef's knife, not a Swiss Army knife The Corsair 970 CRUZE is "the Swiss Army knife" of trimarans:  She meets trailering requirements in most regions, carries a full interior for cruising, and achieves remarkable speeds.  Part of the trailering consideration was to carry a mast of 12m tall.  The Corsair 970 SPORT is relieved of... Read More »
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Three hulls, four legs: trimaran sailing with pets

  Last week as I was motoring through the waterways around Stockholm having just wrapped up the Stockholm in water boat show. I came across the Cruze 970 YOLO, Bosse and his wife were motoring out into the bay to do some sailing while the weather was still warm. YOLO is a fantastic Cruze 970, it's always great to see her out on the water but what was really fantastic to see was that they had their furry, four legged friend on board. I caught up with Bosse later that day and learned that he takes... Read More »
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Pulse 600 Parts and Popular Options

  Introducing the latest design from the world’s largest trimaran manufacturer, this exciting model is full of Corsair DNA modernized to meet the latest generation of trimaran sailor. On a product more compact and affordable than ever before, you can be part of the growing Corsair community with over 2000 boats launched and countless hours of fun, excitement and adventure. Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds.... Read More »
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Pulse 600 Nominee for 2016 European Yacht Of The Year Award

The Pulse 600, Corsair Marine's newest innovation has just been announced as a nominee for the highly regarded 2016 European Yacht Of The Year award. This will be the second year running that Corsair Marine has had a new trimaran nominated for this prestigious award. This title will recognize seaworthy qualities, sailboat design and construction and is decided by a jury comprised of professionals from some of the top European marine magazines.  The award will be presented at a special evening... Read More »
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Development Update #14 on the Pulse 600

Boy have we been busy since the last update!   After the successful test sail on the water testing in Nha Trang last month (update #13 ) we have been focussing on some modifications to really take the boat to the next level, and ready for the real product launch. Hull #2 is heading out to Brisbane, Australia next week where it is to be demo sailed and then exhibited at The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. We also have Hull #3... Read More »
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Development Update #13 - Sailing Review on the Pulse 600

Nha Trang, Vietnam has been rightly claimed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and a wonderful sailing playground. Especially so in February, when there is almost a guarantee for no rain and reliable NE winds. It was the perfect location to hand over our latest launched Seawind 1160 Lite to an Australian customer and to test sail the incredibly exciting new model for Corsair, the Pulse 600. Awaiting us as we arrived to Nha Trang, the just launched Pulse 600 - looking amazing on... Read More »
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Colligo Marine News: Stackers Win Award at METS Trade Show

PRESS RELEASE from Colligio Marine: October 19, 2014:   New Stackers, Stackable Static Blocks recognized as a Special Mention Dame Award at the 2014 METS show in Amsterdam. A panel of industry experts have judged Colligo's Stackers, Stackable Static Blocks as deserving of a Special Mention Dame Award at the 2014 Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam. These are lightweight static blocks with an integrated becket that can be stacked or lashed together to provide a purchase system from... Read More »
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