First Australian Trimaran Sail Training Program


Multihull Central and Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron eight months ago joined forces in a unique project to involve ordinary families to get involved in trimaran sailing on board a Corsair Pulse 600.

In this new sponsorship arrangement, boats are provided by Multihull Central – the Australian Distributor of Corsair Marine products.  The boats and the program are managed by RQYS – an Australian Sailing Club of the Year 2016 originally formed in 1885, and that’s only the beginning.

“RQYS located at Manly in Brisbane area, has put in place a membership option for family members: men, women and children who want to go sailing regularly but don’t yet have the boat of their own.” Mr Shawn Ket, General Manager said.

This commitment to facilitate enjoyment and success in an on-water activity is what underpins this new initiative by both organisations, which not only supports aspiring sailors of all ages, men and women alike, but also to a growing class of trimaran sailboat.

Pulse 600 trimaran built by Corsair Marine perfectly fill the gap of rapidly growing interest in multihull sailing and most importantly uniform training.

Brent Vaughan, Director of Multihull Central notes “I believe there is a need to cater for changing trends toward recreational sailing activity and family inclusiveness, as well as a growing enthusiasm for multihull sailing.”


Now you don’t need your own boat to try out joy of trimaran sailing, thanks to the Multihull Central’s sponsorship arrangement with RQYS, to have fun with your family or friends on Moreton Bay in Queensland.

Once people, non-sailors and sailors alike experience the excitement and fun of trimaran sailing, gaining confidence on board a Pulse 600, they build competence so they can truly enjoy pursuit of their multihull adventure on board their own Corsair.

Sailing is the healthy outdoor pursuit of wind. It’s a clean, exciting, high-tech sport, deeply in touch with nature. Trimaran sailing is clear in concept and fast in execution, it is mythical and romantic, it is something people can dream about. Above all, it can be packed with action or it can be docile and calming to enjoy the three key wellbeing elements wind, water and fresh air. Sailing is suitable for the whole family or with friends - having a great time together. 

Under the new membership at the RQYS, “your boat” is all set up and ready to go sailing!

Watch this space for an update on the tangible success of the program based on the past eight months of operational experience.

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