Folding Corsair trimarans: Legendary ability, unbeatable reliability

Corsair trimarans fold on water, off water and with effortless ease. Most models fold within the width of similar-lengthed monohulls!  This allows a level of versatility unachievable in a conventional trimaran due to the huge beam required for high performance sailing. Simply put, in our 30 year experience, for a trimaran to be viable for most users, it must be able to fold with ease and not increase its length when folded.

Four upper solid aluminum compression struts, eight solid aluminum lower struts, 32 high-tensile Nitron pins, 64 high load grp bearings and four 1/2" bolts. Sounds complicated - but to the contrary in practice it is extremely simple and easy.  Hats off to the designers of this rugged and unbeatable system - exhaustive engineering and R&D has gone into the geometry and development of this design.  And after 30 years and 3000 boats on the water (see Corsair History) we can safely say this folding system is bulletproof!

You will notice all of the equipment listed above are structurally solid, high load materials.  No ropes or wires are involved in the structure of the floats and beams on our boats.  At best, ropes allow for stretch, but at worst, fatigue and failure.  Not only does the solid aluminum system offer supreme strength and reliability but it also produces an extremely stiff sailing platform.

The system geometry has been balanced perfectly, allowing a constant arc of the cap shrouds and constant buoyancy displacement across the waterline. This balance has been fine-tuned over the years and now on our newest models is perfected.  The displacement consistency allows the float to be folded by one person with minimal effort. You can fold and unfold in seconds!  On our smaller models (see Corsair 760) you don't even need to touch the cap shrouds to fold.

A trailerable sailboat the whole family can enjoy!

After unfolding the system, the skipper simply tightens 4 bolts and off you go. You are up and running in under 2 minutes!  The geometry of the solid folding system produces minimal loads on the four removable beam bolts used to hold the system in place when sailing. No need to adjust nets or rigging, you just lock down the bolts and off you go.... So the next time you unfold and set sail without a second thought, pause for a second and consider the detail and engineering that has enabled your sail to be so effortless and worry free!


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