Funny and informative sailing stories via podcasts

Podcasts are the best. Listen to this new (free) series of podcasts by 59 North, LTD. They are funny and informative stories with fabulous narration. Kudos to the team for bringing this to the listening world. 

Presented by Forbes Horton Yachts. Tales from the High Seas, told week by week. Hosted by Lee Cumberland And narrated by Duncan Hood. Produced by 59 North, Ltd. Season one features the audio rendition of "Brave or Stupid," a story about Janne Larsson & Kalle Andersson, two unassuming Swedes, who on a handshake agreement over a bottle of wine, decided to sail the world together. Nevermind that neither had ever set foot on a sailboat before! Their story will be told over the course of several weeks.  Go ahead and check out season 1 >>


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