Heceta Head Lighthouse and Point Lookout Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse

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Built in 1892, by a crew of 58, the Heceta Head Lighthouse stands 56 feet tall and shines a beam viewable up to 21 miles away. In 1978, both the lighthouse and its Keepers Quarters were placed on the National Register of Historic Places for "architectural and historical significance". The honor is no joke either - thanks to the relatively isolated location of Heceta Head, the required building materials had to be shipped in during the right weather conditions, while the stones from the Clackamas River and bricks from San Francisco had to make a rather perilous journey after they were shipped in all the way from San Francisco.

There's even some well-worn rumors that the lighthouse inn has a resident ghost, even earning itself a place on a few "top ten most haunted" lists. As old as it is, how could it not be?

The "Gray Lady", nicknamed "Rue" by the groundskeepers, has been spotted since the 50s. Since then, nearly every resident has reported a run-in with Rue, whether it be strange incidents like the sounds of phantom footsteps, doors, and windows opening and closing on their own, or even face-to-face encounters with the mischievous spirit in the attic. 

—Writer Greg Newkirk

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Point Lookout Lighthouse, Maryland-This was called the most haunted lighthouse in America, Point Lookout has a large number of documented paranormal activity since the 1860's. Ann Davis, the spirit of the lighthouse keeper in the first place, was seen standing on the stairs

Located on a point of land where the wide Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay, Point Lookout was a place of numerous disasters and tragedies. It was once the site of a Civil War era hospital; a prisoner of war camp; a refugee camp for runaway and freed slaves; shipwrecks; and a hotel that burned to the ground.

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