How do America's Cup boats fly above the water?


There are many many opinions and perspectives...Where do YOU fall in?

- These guys must have little loyalty to slap on another country's flag. Where's the pride in that? AC has gotten so far away from sailing it's disappointing.

- Sorry, but this isn't what sailing is about. this is completely outside the realm of what sailing is about.

- Those cats with those hydro skis are in no way representing what sailing is about. Altogether different gig. fast-tracking where the craft itself isn't even touching the water, A 5-year-old can figure that out. water skiing & professing sailing. wind blown yes but not sailing. the correct term is Hydrofoil equipped boating ether gas or win, makes no matter, it's not sailing in the traditional meaning of the word. so lets get it right. 

- Terrible mistake to get rid of these boats and go back to monohulls. If you prefer to watch traditional sailing, that's fine, but there are hundreds of those events around the world on any given day. There was only one event with the resources to push the technology beyond what we've ever achieved before, and now we have nothing.

- These boats are pretty impressive, but hydro foiling just doesn't seem to fit my idea of what "sailing" truly
is all about. :(

- Agree to a point with the 'this ain't sailing' brigade, but this is still pretty amazing tech and damn impressive boats to watch. Definitely not paint drying material. I remember the first time I saw a foiling Moth take off on Sydney harbor and it left me slack-jawed and stunned but these are next level machines. A guest ride on NZ would be a buzz, man. Hell yeah!


Here it is! The ground-breaking new #americascup class race boat concept. The #AC75 is the bold new high performance fully foiling monohull.


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