Delivery of a new Corsair 760 Trimaran. Elevation 11,245'


Corsair 760

Up and over Berthoud Pass, Colorado with a new Corsair 760, destination Lake Granby. Lake Granby is the 3rd largest body of water in Colorado, elevation 8,284'. This delivery originally started in Pensacola, FL. where Karl Smith the new owner participated in the Corsair Trimaran Performance Sailing Clinic with Randy Smyth as chief instructor, hosted by Windcraft Multihulls. After a week of on/off the water training with instructors Richard Allen, Don Wigston and Randy Smyth, Karl was ready to get back to Colorado and start his sailing season.

Unfortunately, the transport driver from Pensacola, FL could only deliver the Corsair 760 into Denver. 180 Marine picked it up from there and made a special delivery to Winter Park Resort before the Memorial weekend! Definitely a team effort!

Corsair 760

Our rendezvous point was at the Winter Park Ski Resort. Skiers have hung up their skis for the season and have started their sailing season. 

Corsair 760

Corsair 760

The Corsair 760 trimarans trailer really well. With a well built trailer, the trailering is stress free and easy to manage, even over high mountain passes.  Learn more about trailering your Corsair trimaran >>

Believe it or not there is a community of Corsair trimaran sailors in Lake Granby!  A Corsair 28 family. who took delivery in San Francisco, CA. Another C28 owner and a DASH.

Corsair trimaran 28

Corsair 28

Did you know the Corsair 760 won "Multihull of the Year" 2018 award?
Learn more about the modern French design improvements >>


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Richard Allen

If you're in the market for a new or pre-owned trimaran contact 180 Marine, we’re very knowledgeable on how best to equip these amazing boats, having 20 + years experience racing and cruising.

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