Corsair trimaran safety compartment

Before sailing any Corsair trimaran, it's important that the safety compartment be loaded with the appropriate safety gear. This compartment is accessible from top or bottom and is usually located in a cockpit coaming or under the cockpit seat. Its purpose is to keep important safety equipment that should be available to the crew in any emergency situation, including a capsize. The equipment stored here should include flares, a handheld VHF radio, EPIRB (offshore), extra line, spare tools,... Read More »
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Why KNOT? Human Power Only

While this might not be the fastest and smartest way to get to Port Townsend it's sure to be the craziest!  WHAT SEVENTY48 aka 70 miles in 48 hours. Rules are simple: no motors, no support, and no wind. That’s right. HUMAN POWER ONLY. Pedal, paddle, or row. We don’t care. It’s up to you. WHEN Race Start: June 11, 2018 Application deadline: April 15, 2018 Gun goes off at 5:30 PM, and teams have 30 minutes to cross the start line. (And PM is not a typo.  We know what it means and so do you.) WHERE... Read More »
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How do America's Cup boats fly above the water?

  There are many many opinions and perspectives...Where do YOU fall in? - These guys must have little loyalty to slap on another country's flag. Where's the pride in that? AC has gotten so far away from sailing it's disappointing. - Sorry, but this isn't what sailing is about. this is completely outside the realm of what sailing is about. - Those cats with those hydro skis are in no way representing what sailing is about. Altogether different gig. fast-tracking where the craft itself isn't... Read More »
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TOMA Championship Update

After further analysis, we uncovered a couple of errors in the calculations for the overall TOMA Championship (Extreme Freshwater Edition) trophy.  There was confusion over the course lengths entered in the online Regatta Network for the Pulse 600 class, that impacted the overall results. This error did not impact the Pulse 600 class results (scored as One Design). For the TOMA trophy, we used the actual PHRF ratings calculated by TOMA chief Measurer “Michael Zotzky” for all 12 boats who... Read More »
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Unique Corsair Trimaran Listing Here

SOLD! December 2017 FOR SALE - A well cared for 2006 Corsair 24 MK II.  2006 was the last year this model was produced. This Corsair 24 MK II has always been kept in "fresh water" Great price and in great shape.  LEARN MORE >> Now, if you're looking for a new 24' Corsair trimaran check out the 2017 Corsair 760. The Corsair 760 feels and sails like boats twice its size, but it's affordably priced to own & maintain. Corsair's resale value is legendary and will be one of the best new... Read More »
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Baja Ha-Ha XXIV on a Seawind 1190 is the way to go!

Baja Ha-Ha XXIV will be run on October 29-November 11, 2017 from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Here is a short report from Mark Pillsbury, Cruising World. Thanks Mark for sharing! The weather file I downloaded on my borrowed Iridum Go! forecast clear skies, with 2 to 3 knots of breeze last night and sunny conditions with a 2- to 3-knot northwesterly for today. For the most part that was accurate, but as the hours rolled along here aboard Meriweather, and we ticked off the miles sailing... Read More »
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Kiteboard Invitational

Another reason to come out to San Diego...the EXTREME SAILING SERIES! San Diego Kiteboard Invitational $20K Prize Money 4 days of Racing October 19-22, 2017
  • Worldwide Media Coverage
  • In conjunction with the International EXTREME SAILING SERIES
  • Top Kite Boarders in the World
  • Racing begins before the GC32s
The Extreme Sailing Series Act 7, San Diego event will be hosting the 1st Annual Extreme San Diego Kiteboard Invitational, bringing the top riders from around the world. There will be 4 days... Read More »
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Oh. Now that's a nice camper. The first Corsair 760 ...

  The Corsair 760 has arrived in Pensacola, Florida. Let us know if you're interested in flying down for first-hand viewing. If you're shopping around for the best trimaran this would be a great opportunity to take a demo sail. We also have many other Corsair trimarans for sale new and preowned. Learn more >> Corsair has built over 800 boats in this size, with the predecessor Dash 750 remarkable in its success over nearly a decade. Perus Yacht Designs have been brought back to the team after an... Read More »
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Pulse 600 sailing in Annapolis Like a Pro

  Test sailing the Pulse in Annapolis this week. Check out this video just posted by Sailing World. Maybe the Pulse will get a shot at Boat of the Year! Go to 180 Marine on Facebook to view the video >> Read More »
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Sailing Corsair F24 MkII in Queensland

We are currently sailing our Corsair F24, Teleri, up the Queensland coast. The East coast of Queensland is a terrific place for sailing these craft. Follow these links to access two videos we have uploaded on Vimeo of our sailing trip: Name: Tony Adamson State: Victoria Country: Australia   Read More »
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This year's Aspen Open Regatta did not disappoint!

  We sailed the Pulse 600 all weekend on a windy mountain lake, it performed very well… a real adrenaline generator and no knockdowns. Can’t say that about the J22s, or the U20’s. On the Pulse 600 going upwind, the high volume leeward float never looked like it would bury itself or create excessive drag. Gusts up to 41 knots, often steady at 20-25, if you call that steady. Below is a shot of a top team on their J22, with my friend Ralph swimming behind the boat. What’s that? Is it an airplane?... Read More »
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The Corsair 37s are fantastic boats!

  The 37RS Carbon Offshore Cruiser Racer is the most technologically advanced Corsair trimaran yet. This boat features a full carbon fiber build, the Corsair 37RS' lightweight construction and high strength realizes the boat's potential.  The Corsair 37CR offers all the comforts of a cruising monohull and the flat sailing of a big catamaran  It also has the speed, safety, and unsinkability of a Corsair Trimaran.  The Corsair 37CR features a shallow draft with retractable dagger board and... Read More »
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Well Built Boats Last

I'm talking about quality builds, not race finish positions. We owned a 1992 MK1 (kimosabi) for 3 years, selling her this past June. It was our third Corsair, having previously owned and raced/cruised a 1992 F-27 (fadin fast) and cruised a 1996 F-31 (kimosabi). We mainly raced our MK1. Our last regatta in 2014 was a great way to retire from Corsair racing. The photo of kimosabi screaming to weather with spray flying was taken at our first place finish in a chase race (reverse handicap) including... Read More »
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Review from Trade Boats: Corsair Pulse 600

  Small trimarans like the Corsair Pulse 600 are ideal boats for Australia’s shoal waters. This multihull sailboat has a shallow draft, large deck space and performance, plus the fact that it’s a trailerable trimaran makes it very convenient. Mooring a trimaran of course is the challenge, unless a safe swing mooring is available, but this isn’t a problem for the Corsair Pulse 600, a trailerable trimaran with a unique folding system. Another attraction is stability, as a trimaran’s wide beam and... Read More »
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American Sailing Association coverage from Annapolis Boat Show

  We talk to Steve Marsh from the Finish Line of the Treasure Coast. Steve talks about the all new Pulse 600 from Corsair Marine which is SAIL Magazines Best Boats Nominee 2016. Read More »
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Pulse 600 Nominee for 2016 European Yacht Of The Year Award

The Pulse 600, Corsair Marine's newest innovation has just been announced as a nominee for the highly regarded 2016 European Yacht Of The Year award. This will be the second year running that Corsair Marine has had a new trimaran nominated for this prestigious award. This title will recognize seaworthy qualities, sailboat design and construction and is decided by a jury comprised of professionals from some of the top European marine magazines.  The award will be presented at a special evening... Read More »
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Try a Seawind 1160 Lite!

  It's your turn to check out the Seawind 1160 Lite! Five select Seawind dealers located across the globe will be waiting to show you this beautifully redesigned catamaran. The locations that the 1160 will be available for viewing or test sailing include: US  //  North West - Bellingham, WA  //  San Juan Sailing US  //  West Coast N - San Francisco, CA  //  Sailing Caprice US  //  West Coast S - San Diego, CA  //  West Coast Multihulls Caribbean  //  BVI - St. Martin //  Blue Around Yacht... Read More »
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Good breeze to a successful end for the 2015 Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek / July 15-19

A pleasant eight knots welcomed sailors on the final day of the 2015 Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek and PRO Simon James wasted no time in getting the fleet into sequence. Island courses for all: around the windward mark and back around Lone Island to the finish for all classes except IRC Racing I, who headed off on a longer course taking in Aeo, Hei and Bon Islands. And as the wind held in, the PRO opted to send all but the Cruising and Charter/ Bareboat classes on a second race, around... Read More »
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NEW Pulse 600 Test Sailing Video!

The Pulse 600 finally captured on the water, in video! We are so pleased to release this new model, as it is performing better on the water that we even imagined! Find a Pulse Performance Center near you >> Richard Ward Review of the Pulse >> Click the video below to watch it on >> _____________________________________________________________________ Here are the development updates so far... Introducing the Pulse >> Development Update #1 >> Development Update #2 >> Development U... Read More »
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Development Update #11 on the Pulse 600

Introducing the latest design from the world’s largest trimaran manufacturer, this exciting model is full of Corsair DNA modernized to meet the latest generation of trimaran sailor. On a product more compact and affordable than ever before, you can be part of the grow- ing Corsair community with over 2000 boats launched and countless hours of fun, excitement and adventure.  Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds.... Read More »
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