Sailing the Seawind 1160 Lite from Ensenada to San Diego

Recently we helped friends sail their Seawind 1160 to San Diego from Ensenada, Mexico. First, that meant getting to the boat in meant flying into the San Diego airport, and catching a ride to the border with a UBER driver. We went through Customs, crossing into Tijuana by foot, then picked up a taxi and drove straight to Ensenada. The taxi from the border to Ensenada was about $70.00 and took about 2 hours. The drive from Tijuana to Ensenada is soooooo easy. We soon arrived at the... Read More »
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Unpacking the Corsair 760 Sport in Melbourne

Another day another boat arrives. This time for Michel Van der Zwaard in Melbourne with the new generation Corsair 760 Sport featuring carbon rig. Keep an eye out at Martha's Cove for this new baby and at Festival of Sails in Geelong. Stay tuned for more pics. Congratulations Michel Multihull Central Unpacks the Corsair 760 SportAll Corsair trimarans are built to withstand the toughest conditions. But the Corsair 760 models including the Corsair 760 SPORT are finely tuned to turn numbers into... Read More »
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Why buy a Corsair Cruze 970?

The combination of performance from the award-winning Corsair C31 and the spacious comfort of the Corsair 37! The new Cruze 970 is an exciting new model with great sailing pedigree and packed with fantastic new features as one of the latest models from the design team at Corsair Marine. Origin  Corsair has built over three hundred C31s delivering to locations all around the world where our customers have sailed this tough, proven performer in a wide range of conditions. In 2010, a C31 Ultimate... Read More »
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7 Pulse 600's enter the Wurstfest Regatta 2!

This year's Wurstfest Keelboat and Multihull Regatta will be held on November 10 - 12, 2017 at the Lake Canyon Yacht Club. They anticipate the following one-design classes:
  • Catalina 22
  • J/22
  • J/24
  • J/70
  • Melges 24
  • PHRF Spinnaker
  • PHRF Non-Spinnaker (A & B Fleets)
  • PHRF Non-Spinnaker Big Boats
  • PHRF Trimaran
  • Corsair Sprint 750
  • Corsair Pulse 600
  • Portsmouth Catamaran (A & B Fleets)
  • F18
  • Hobie 17
  • Hobie 18
  • S9
  • Viper 640
  • VX One
It's fantastic to see 7 Corsair Pulse 600's enter this year! Racing will occur on Canyon Lake on... Read More »
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The journey took 600 nautical miles from Vietnam across the South China Sea

  HOT OFF THE PRESS...the Seawind 1600 nominated for Multihull of the Year 2018 in the Over 50-foot category. Thanks to Multihulls World Mag, and their testing and editorial team! Seawind 1600 #1 delivery report by Shane Grover When a slot opened up on the delivery trip of the new Seawind 1600 Northstar, I leapt at the opportunity. The journey would take the 1600 south from Vietnam, across the South China Sea to Singapore, a good 600 nautical mile journey. This would be a fantastic chance... Read More »
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Getting your (TIP) Temporary Import Permit for your boat

Complying with Mexican law can be hard. Here is a good report from Latitude38 on getting your (TIP) Temporary Import Permit for your boat.  October 4, 2017 Mexico If you’re taking a boat to Mexico, or buying a boat you think you might someday take to Mexico, you must be sure that everything is in order with regard to the Temporary Import Permit (TIP). If not, you could have big problems. Some things to remember:
  • There can only be one TIP per boat. If you try to get a new one while one already...
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Funny and informative sailing stories via podcasts

Podcasts are the best. Listen to this new (free) series of podcasts by 59 North, LTD. They are funny and informative stories with fabulous narration. Kudos to the team for bringing this to the listening world.  Presented by Forbes Horton Yachts. Tales from the High Seas, told week by week. Hosted by Lee Cumberland And narrated by Duncan Hood. Produced by 59 North, Ltd. Season one features the audio rendition of "Brave or Stupid," a story about Janne Larsson & Kalle Andersson, two unassuming... Read More »
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Seawind Catamaran 1160 LITE at 2017 Annapolis Boat Show

The 2017 Annapolis Boat Show did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, there was great attendance, and many, many beautiful boats and products on display. This year on display was the Corsair Cruz 970 and the Seawind 1160 LITE. Seawind Catamarans is Australia’s premier designer and builder of performance cruising sail catamarans, producing some of the world’s best designs that are sold all over the globe. With over 30 years experience manufacturing and designing multihulls, the company has... Read More »
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Military Appreciation Day

The SEAL Family Foundation presents Military Appreciation Day, San Diego, California - Military Appreciation Day: Friday, October 20th, 2017 We want to thank all of our military and their families for all that they do! And for the general public, this day provides an opportunity to say thanks to all those, past and present, who have contributed to the U.S. military. Come join us and let us celebrate you! Schedule of events:
  • 1:15 pm – Color Guard
  • 1:25 pm – Vocalist – Singing the National Anthem
  • 1:30...
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Humpback whales are back under the Golden Gate Bridge

So what's going on with the humpback whales in San Francisco Bay? Here is an interesting article from the Marin Independent Journal, published in July 2017, by Mark Prado. Photo by Leslie Richter Many of us race and casually cruise around in the bay and may know all about the humpbacks but for those who are not as familiar here is a good story! They’re back. For the second straight year, humpback whales are finding their way into San Francisco Bay in large numbers and causing quite a stir. With... Read More »
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"Videos that go beyond sailing"

  Hey check out "Videos that go beyond sailing" Here we have a few "BEST OF" Corsair Trimarans and Seawind Catamarans sailing videos for you to enjoy, as you day dream and plan for your next adventure... maybe lake sailing or some coastal hops until your next BVI trip. Experience life lived outdoors!  See what we mean >>____________________________________________________________________ At 180 Marine we choose to remain ahead of the curve, creating and enhancing innovative client-first... Read More »
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It's Christmas in July!

It's Christmas in July as we unpack the Corsair 760, Corsair's newest model in the fleet. And we can't wait to show it to you. There is nothing quite like sailing a Corsair trimaran.  The speed and acceleration cannot be matched by any keel boat around - and if you're not sailing fast, you're not really sailing! But the new Corsair 760 is much more than just a fast ride. This compact 24' trailer sailer has been designed to please the whole family. The Corsair 760 offers a comfortable... Read More »
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  Check out Erwin Sattler clocks and watches by Corsair owner and watch maker Richard Muller. We caught up with Richard at the Dusseldorf boat show and were amazed by his work on these ultra luxury items. Richard has owned a few iconic Corsairs, his current boat of choice is his Cruze 970 “Lazy” but you may also remember his last boat the thrill seeking Carbon 37 “Silver Chiller”. A message from Richard: We invite you to explore the wonderful world of Erwin Sattler timepieces. With the gentle... Read More »
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Mighty Merloe Smashes Transpac Multihull Race Record!

  This is fantastic news!!! There's really no other way to win the Transpac than to sail a multihull! HA! Here is a short report from "Pressure Drop" that spells out the details of Mighty Merloe's  win. Photos © Lauren Easley and Lindsey Arcand The Transpacific Multihull Race Record was just smashed by Mighty Merloe, which crossed the Diamond Head Finish Line at 17:03:30 provisional. The previous record was set by Loick's brother 20 years ago! Multi: 5 Days, 9 hours, 18 minutes and 26 seconds... Read More »
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Will Larry Ellison return?

First of all congratulations to Emirates Team New Zealand, well done! One question being asked, will Larry return? I'd like to pass along several interesting articles from Scuttlebutt Sailing News.  Oracle Team USA owner Larry Ellison lost his grip on the America's Cup. Do you think he will return? Will Golden Gate Yacht Club survive the loss? Will other USA teams step forward to challenge for the 36th edition? Click this link to add your comments to the Facebook Page >> OR SKIP THAT... Read More »
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The Pulse 600 saved my life...

Well, the new trimaran by Corsair saved my sailing life anyway... In short, I found myself without a fleet in my early 40's asking the question "what's next?".  I learned to sail at age 7.  I won my first national championship at 11, was a four-year letter at USMMA with a few national titles in hand by graduation in 1997.  After college, like many others, I continued to sail lasers and V15s though many of my fellow collegiate sailing competitors went into full-time Olympic campaigns.  ... Read More »
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The 2017 "Harmonic Convergence"

The "Harmonic Convergence" (beaching the tri's overnight in magnificent Emerald Bay) is on Thursday evening, June 22. The Trans-Tahoe Regatta is June 24. You might be asking yourself...what is the "Harmonic Convergence"? Here is a short read. The Harmonic Convergence is the name given to one of the world's first globally synchronized meditation events, which occurred on August 16–17, 1987. This event also closely coincided with an exceptional alignment of planets in the Solar System.  The... Read More »
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2017 Trans-Tahoe Regatta June 23-24

The 54th Annual Trans Tahoe Regatta, the most competitive race on Lake Tahoe, to be held June 23 & 24 will be highlighted this year with several new changes including its new date.  The Regatta will feature different PHRF divisions starting Friday, June 23rd with afternoon buoy races followed by the long distance race on Saturday, June 24th* with a new competitive race course.  For off the water fun, a party for all participants will be held Friday evening at Tahoe City's iconic River Grill... Read More »
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A slow story about a fast boat

Here's a good story we thought you might find interesting. First reported by Latitude 38 June 19, 2017— San Francisco Bay You may have noticed a handful of young Italian men sporting Team Maserati shirts in Point Richmond over the past few months. Whether their espressos are pre-paid is a question for Giovanni Soldini, team leader, world-renowned skipper, and owner of the Multi70 trimaran — or MOD70 — Maserati. Truth be told, they have been working full-time to prepare the boat for the start of... Read More »
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Multihulls Rock in R2AK!

Team “PURE & WILD/FREEBURD" WINS the 2017 R2AK !! 4 days, 3 hours, 11 min. Congratulations goes to a trio of brothers from Marblehead this week who took home top honors following a boat race that brought contestants on a more-than-700-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean. Trevor, Chris, and Tripp Burd, who made up Team “PURE & WILD/FREEBURD", were crowned the winners of the 2017 Race to Alaska, or R2AK, on Thursday afternoon, as they arrived in port to a cheering crowd on a custom-built,... Read More »
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