Multihulls should be treated like aircraft...

Corsair 760

Multihulls should be treated like aircraft when it comes to loading. Corsair trimarans are light and a responsive craft. Due to their narrow waterline they do not have an unlimited load carrying ability. Overloading can affect performance and handling, while excessive overloading can also affect safety margins. The ratio of the float buoyancy is relative to the total weight falling. A higher ratio is faster and safer. Always be conscious of weight and take care not to carry unnecessary items.

Some overloading is acceptable for general sailing in sheltered waters, the only adverse affect being a loss in performance. However, an overloaded boat offshore in large waves can become dangerous due to greater loads generated in the structure, and the sluggishness which can prevent the boat from rising to go over or with the waves, as it should.

When storing supplies try to keep all heavy items located as low down as possible and in the forward end of the cabin. Avoid storing any heavy items inside aft of the main entry hatch, as too much weight aft can cause transom drag, affecting performance. Corsair trimaran models have a very buoyant bow, which actually lifts at speed, and additional weight should always be kept forward rather than aft.

Should your model have float storage, avoid heavy loads in the floats. These should only be used for light bulky items such as sails, fenders etc. Heavy weight in the ends of any boat, be it the bow, stern, or floats, can adversely affect the general motion.

To maintain a light boat and that sparkling edge to performance, it is highly recommended that you go through everything on board several times a year and take off any items that do not get used. This prevents the gradual buildup of unnecessary weight.


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