New Corsair 760 heading to Australia

At the Düsseldorf Boat Show earlier this year Corsair Marine International has launched a brand new model in the lineup of our folding trailerable trimarans. 

The 760 is known as a very attractive looking trimaran keeping with the ethos of our design concepts. Such as an ability to fold her floats in under the central hull for docking, storage, or transport. Some of other design criteria of the 760 include: safety on the water, simplicity of deployment and operation, accommodation and comfort on board. 


The ability to trailer your boat behind midsize family vehicle is a fantastic benefit that has made Corsair into a household name amongst the trimaran community everywhere. It's like taking your caravan on your next holiday with a twist such as now your caravan can float and you and your family can sail away far and wide. 

Here in Australia you can drive to and explore the marvel bays of our vast coastline throughout all states and the Northern Territory. In Europe you can explore other countries while in the USA and Canada you can sail all over for years but never come to the same place again. Just imagine you and your family can do all your sailing adventures others only dream of on board your very own Corsair 760. On a very limited budget you can have your sailing adventure of the lifetime. 

Where would you like to go, take your family or friends to share your next sailing vacation? 

I'm delighted to report here that we have our first new Corsair 760 in production right now for the happily awaiting multihull sailor. As a competitive yachtsman he is not only considered sailing with his family, in particular with his young children. Quality family time is one of the benefits of sailing, the time spent with your children on the water, doing stuff together, sailing and exploring, harnessing the wind to move through the water from point A to B, effectively, safely and at exiting speed, utilising every breath of the wind. These are not only “golden nuggets” of sailing, they are also “golden nuggets” of life and business, they can teach us how to be resourceful and productive with little you may have. 

In addition to the above our first customer is a competitive sailor who has a thirst for winning on the water, success is in his blood. He opted for a racing version of his Corsair 760 so he can travel between different multihull regattas all over the country. The two versions of 760 only differ in sail handling equipment, daggerboard upgrade and spars which make the “go fast” racer/cruiser. Yes, racer/cruiser means a versatile trimaran boat that can also be built for you!


Which version would you prefer? 

Right now, I have a unique opportunity for one potential customer who's right now ready to order his Corsair 760 for the coming sailing/racing season in Australia to be enjoyed together with his family or friends. We can fit two boats into the shipping container for delivery to Australia, we already have half of available space committed and paid for, thus you can combine your order and save on shipping and delivery costs. Don't leave too late ask me direct, call 0412517424 and let's price together your brand new Corsair 760 that well serves your needs and desires.

What are you waiting for?

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