New Pulse 600 Arrives in Lake Tahoe!


A bright red and shiny new Pulse 600 arrived in Lake Tahoe this week! This is the perfect boat for Lake Tahoe. There is room to move fast and stretch out, which is what the Pulse 600 is good at! 

The Pulse 600 is the new standard. It has the speed and excitement of an A-Cat and at the same time is stable enough for your wife and you to handle even in winds of 20+ knots. And the boat easily accommodates 4 adults. Perfect for a family outing. The Pulse 600 is light-weight so it is lively, responsive but forgiving. It’s quick in a breeze and remains fast with four people on board. It’s just downright fun. Get a little boom box on board with a nice cold beverage, sheets cleated doing high teens, what more do you need for a great afternoon.

Watch for the Pulse out on the Lake. The new owner, Dustin Drummond, just might be looking for crew!

Pulse 600

Pulse 600

Pulse 600

Pulse 600

Pulse 600

2016 WINNER SAIL BEST BOATS - Congratulations to our new Pulse 600 owners!

Pulse 600

Pulse 600

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